Powell River Board of Education
Learners Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow
Statement of Belief


We believe that the public school system is an inclusive system and that students come to school with diverse needs and abilities.

We also believe that all students have a right to an education and a responsibility to become active learners.

We also believe positive relationships between students and teachers are central to effective teaching and learning, and that success is measured in the process itself as well as in the outcomes.

We believe that together with school district employees, students, parents and community groups we can enable our students to realize their full potential. 

We believe that students have the following rights: 

  • to learn in safe and caring environments
  • to have their social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs met

  • to have an education that prepares them for the world of the future

  • to have experiences that provide multiple pathways to success

We believe that students have the following responsibilities:

  • to respect each other and all members of their school community
  • to contribute to the learning opportunities offered to them.