Powell River Board of Education
Learners Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow
Literacy Initiatives

K-7 Literacy

To improve student achievement in reading. Specific activities include:

  • Pre K screening to identify kindergarten students who may need additional support. 
  • Enhanced Kindergarten Orientation for all students to provide supports for incoming K students.
  • DIBELS assessment for students in grade 1-7 in the fall, winter and spring to identify students who made need additional support in targeted areas and monitor those student's progress and adjust supports.
  • School team meetings three times per year to look at the assessment results and make changes to supports to meet the needs of their students.
  • Creation of a District Intervention Team of teachers who work collaboratively with their school teams and classroom teachers to ensure that all students receive the targeted supports they need in improving their literacy skills either in the classroom or in small groups.
  • Provide additional reading intervention teachers and support to schools with high numbers of students needing targeted supports. 
  • Promote the use of a balanced reading program that includes all aspects of reading to support word recognition and language comprehension skills. 
  • Intervention teachers work with classroom teachers to provide instructional assistance for students needing targeted supports.

To improve student achievement in writing. Specific activities include:

  • District  intervention teacher to provide collaborative support to classroom teachers in writing.
  • District wide writes in the fall and spring. 
  • Broadening the opportunities for presentation and recognition of student writing. 
  • Professional development specific to improving writing instruction. 

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