Powell River Board of Education
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BAA Courses

Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) courses are locally developed courses. They allow Boards of Education to offer courses to help meet local community needs while providing choice and flexibility for students.

All BAA courses must meet the requirements as set out by the Ministry of Education

School District No. 47 has approved the following Board/Authority Authorized courses:

Ayajuthem 10 (YLOE 10A)

Ayajuthem 11 (YLOE 11A)

Ayajuthem 12 (YLOE 12A)

Career and Life Management 10 (YSEVC10A and YSEVC10B)

Career and Life Management 11 (YSEVC11A and YSEVC11B)

Career and Life Management 12 (YSEVC12A and YSEVC12B)

Community Service 11 YCPA11A_12A.pdf

Community Service 12 YCPA11A_12A.pdf

ELL Experience Canada and Community 10 YESFL10C.pdf

ELL Introduction to English Language and Culture 10 YESFL10B.pdf

ELL School and Community Orientation 10 YESFL10A.pdf

ELL Canadian Studies 11 YESFL11A.pdf

ELL English Language Development 11 YESFL11B.pdf

ELL English Language Development 12 YESFL12A.pdf

Hockey 10 YLRA10-12A.pdf

Hockey 11 YLRA10-12A.pdf

Hockey 12 YLRA10-12A.pdf

Psychology 11 YPSYC11A.pdf

Psychology 12 (YPSYC12A)

Recreation Management 11 YLRA11-12B.pdf

Recreation Management 12 YLRA11-12B.pdf

Soccer Skills 11 YHRA11A.pdf

Soccer Skills 12 YHRA12A.pdf