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SD47 Parent Advisory Councils (PAC)

There is strong evidence that increased parent involvement within schools results in greater student achievement, satisfaction, and bonding,  all of which result in decreased dropout rates and better citizens. Parents/guardians' voices are a tremendous value within schools and offer a wealth of ideas and support in the challenges that face all public schools.

Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) are non-profit independent groups of parents/guardians who are advocating for the success of all students, while supporting and advancing school efforts in School District 47 schools.  PACs are recognized forums to discuss matters affecting schools and the education of their children. Each school has their own PAC and all registered student's parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in activities when available. Please visit School Sites for more information on individual school PACs.

 Purposes of a PAC

  1. To advise the school principal and staff on parents' views and feedback about school programs, policies, plans and activities.
  2. To encourage parent involvement in the school, and to support programs, activities, and events that promote parent involvement.
  3. To communicate with parents, and to promote co-operation between the home and the school in providing support for the education of children.
  4. To assist parents in accessing the system and to advocate on behalf of parents and students.
  5. To provide fundraising support for the goals of the PAC and school efforts, as determined by its membership.

SD47 District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)

The District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) is comprised of elected parent representatives from all SD47 PACs and serves as an umbrella organization representing the collective views of all SD47 PACs. 

The SD47 DPAC advises the Board of Education on matters relating to education in SD47.  DPACs advocate for parental involvement in the education system and give input into the development of education policy and curriculum.

 The Role of An Elected DPAC Representative

·        Act as a liaison between the PAC and DPAC by attending DPAC meetings

·        Communicate and obtain information to and from PAC

·        Bring forward issues that may be common to more than one school

 SD47 DPAC Representatives

Our current DPAC Representatives are:

NamePositionContact I nfo
Kate BoydChairpersonkate.boyd@sd47.bc.ca
Christal HuestonSecretarychristal.hueston@sd47.bc.ca
Siona RounisTreasurersiona.rounis@sd47.bc.ca


To leave a voice message for any of the DPAC Representatives please call 604-414-2633. We will respond to your message as quickly as possible.