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Sustainability Education and Initiatives

The Powell River School District is committed to providing students with engaging and challenging learning opportunities that successfully complement and support curricula while enriching their lives and promoting an ethic of sustainability.  

School District 47 recently took a review of the many programs that we are currently offering students within the Powell River Region and compiled them in a report entitled Growing Connections Between Learners and Place. This page represents the programs found in that document. 

Visit the Publications page to read the latest Green Glance publication: the district Sustainable Schools Newsletter.

The Powell River Sustainability Charter 

In 2008, the School District partnered with citizens, community leaders, and local agencies, to create visioning document reflecting the Powell River area’s intention to become more sustainable over time and to work closely together to achieve that vision. Our District sustainability education programs and initiatives reflect this Charter.

 Click here to view a copy of The Powell River Sustainability Charter

 District Sustainable School Committee


The Sustainable Schools Committee (SSC) was founded in 2008 and is a Powell River School District sponsored committee. Our mission is to provide environmental education opportunities for local schools and to support ways to minimize our community’s ecological footprint. Each year, the District provides the SSC with an annual operating budget to further its objectives.

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District Department: Outdoor and Ecological Learning

 The Outdoor & Ecological Learning Department is dedicated to providing students with outdoor educational opportunities that reinforce their connection to the natural world and foster sustainability. We focus on giving students the necessary skills to think critically about personal choices and the relationships between society, economy, culture and the environment. Through leadership initiatives and healthy outdoor activities, students are empowered to make positive change in the world.

Leadership Ecology Adventure Program (LEAP)

The Leadership Ecology Adventure Program (LEAP) provides kids from Powell River and around the world with a hands-on, summer outdoor immersion. LEAP participants experience a sampling of outdoor activities while developing their leadership skills and gaining knowledge of both environmental issues and local ecology. LEAP is a dynamic and experiential program that focuses on both the hard and soft skills associated with living well and being in the outdoors. During the 9 day residential program, students will have countless opportunities to positively interact with each other while creating memories to last a lifetime.


The Coast Mountain Academy (CMA)



The Coast Mountain Academy (CMA) is an enriched outdoor education program which focuses on character development though leadership, citizenship, and outdoor adventure.  During CMA, students receive high school credit. 


The Sustainability Toolbox


The Sustainability Toolbox brings environmentally conscious students together to explore the concept of environmental stewardship while developing strategies to assist their schools and communities in becoming more sustainable.  This credit course in Sustainability Studies 11/12 focuses on training young people to be sustainability leaders in their own schools and communities.  The Sustainability Toolbox is a 10 day residential program that includes a multi-day backpacking or canoe trip.


District Initiatives

Destination Conservation

Destination Conservation (DC) is an opportunity for Powell River students to learn how to reduce their impact on the environment. All District schools have a DC Team that evaluates environmental challenges in their school and then designs and implements projects to help educate the entire student body around that problem. DC Teams are a cooperative group of students, teachers, principals, custodians and parents who work together with DC partners in this multi-year program. This is a six year partnership between the Powell River School District and Destination Conservation.   http://www.dcplanet.ca/

The Outdoor Learning Center/Wilderness Camp

 Click here to read information on the new Outdoor Learning Centre.

School Based Programs



Eco-Immersion is a unique nature-based French immersion program that strives to draw out a child's inherent curiosity for learning by providing engaging teaching methods that nurture awareness of and respect for self, others and the environment. These diverse opportunities will support the development of bilingual, well-rounded, and successful children who are connected to their families, community and natural world.

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 Kelly Creek Outdoor Adventure Program

KCOAP.PNGThe 2011-2012 school year was the first year of operation for the Kelly Creek Outdoor Adventure Program (KCOAP) which allows grade 6 and 7 students to participate in outdoor and experiential learning opportunities within the timeframe of the regular school day. Students in KCOAP work towards a number of certifications including Sprockids mountain bike leadership, Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Certificate, First Aid, and Introductory Winter Mountaineering.


Integrated Aboriginal Educational Programs

The First Nations Programs of School District 47 have created a number of integrated and experiential curriculum initiatives for primary classroom teachers. They include units on the importance of the use of Cedar, plants, and Basket weaving to first nation culture.

Supporting Initiatives

Discover - Imagine - Grow- Schoolyard

DIGS is inspired by schoolyard greening or "naturalization" - a movement that is “changing the landscape” of many schools across Canada and other parts of the world. The motivation for change at these schools has a common theme: vibrant and “naturalized” schoolyards for play, learning, and healthy activity have many benefits for students, teachers, and their schools. A growing body of research suggests these types of schoolyards promote:


Farm to School (F2S)

F2S programs promote healthy students and healthy communities. Through regular meals made from local ingredients, F2S programs offer students fresh, delicious, and healthy foods. F2S goes to the “farm” but also beyond for its menus. In Powell River, we are very fortunate to live among such local abundance and a wide variety of farms and food producers who will provide F2S with meal ingredients – fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood, baked goods and other locally prepared foods. Those local farmers and businesses benefit economically from their participation in our F2S program.