Auditory Outreach
Provincial Resource Program
Cochlear Implant Services

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Families, independent school principals, school district administrators and implant centers can request support for school-aged children who have received or are being considered for a cochlear implant. The team welcomes input and participation at the preschool level in order to facilitate transition into school.


Support may include the following:


In-servicing for educators of children selected for implant

    • Consultation on IEP related to pre-planning activities
    • In-service on device function and expected outcomes
    • Monitoring key dates
        • Upon request, attendance at turn-on date and report back to educators on outcome
    • Consultation on IEP preparation if requested
        • FM and other assistive listening devices
        • Interfacing with other technologies (e.g., computers)
        • Classroom acoustics
        • Setting educational goals
        • Assistance with audiological and speech and language  assessment

Post Implant

 In-service provided on device function and troubleshooting techniques

    • In-service as needed for educators and parents
    • On-site troubleshooting of system that cannot be resolved by staff
    • Coordination and implementation of assistive listening device technology
        • Device selection and in-servicing of educators as required
    • Classroom acoustics evaluation and recommendations
        • Conduct assessments of the acoustic environment
        • Provide recommendations for modifications to improve acoustic      environments and assist in identifying resources     for implementation
    • Consultation on IEP preparation on request
      •  Provide input into the IEP process to assist parents and educators with the identification and development of goals for the child
      •  Assist with key transition points in the students education
      •  Consultation and mentoring in the following areas:
        •  Preverbal behavior
        •  Phonology
        •  Articulation and speech sound production
        •  Auditory skill development:
          •  detection, imitation, integration, discrimination
        • Voice and resonance
        • Reading
        • Language
          • receptive, expressive, pragmatics, syntax, verbal reasoning
        • Word-finding, vocabulary
        • Collaborative goal setting and review of communication plan
        • Demonstration: showing parents and school staff how to   integrate techniques of therapy into the language and listening   opportunities of a child's daily life.

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