Auditory Outreach
Provincial Resource Program
​ Auditory Outreach is a Provincial Outreach Program funded by the Ministry of Education and hosted by School District 47, Powell River
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Digital Equipment Loan Bank UPDATES – March 2019
Roger Touchscreen Added and Roger Receiver Policy Amendments
Digital Equipment Loan Bank UPDATES – March 2019

Roger Touchscreen Added and Roger Receiver Policy Amendments

With the manufacturer’s discontinuation of the Roger inspiro, the Roger Touchscreen is added as the primary transmitter available for most requests. The Touchscreen will be available for new requests, and when a Roger inspiro is unavailable to replace an allocated transmitter, eg. technical service*. Please note, the Roger Touchscreen is not available as an upgrade request.

Touchscreen EasySheets and our program audiologist Carrie Siu are available to assist with the transition to this new equipment. The Roger Touchscreen POP is available upon request.

We encourage audiologists, TDHHs, EAs, parents, school staff, and everyone involved in supporting students to become familiar with this line of equipment through the user guides, videos, and print material available from Auditory Outreach and Phonak. 

Digital (Roger) receivers will be available for new fittings defined as a request for any student not provided with receivers from the Program within the last six months regardless of grade and/OR digital receivers will be issued to replace allocated receivers when they reach end of life if a replacement of the current model is unavailable.* New fittings typically occur in kindergarten and early primary, however, the Program is not limiting allocation of these digital receivers by grade.

With thanks,
Melanie Gosselin
Program Manager │ Auditory Outreach, PRP
T: 1-866-430-4327 ext 1

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*In keeping with RMHAT Best Practices, Board of Hearing Aid Dealers and Consultants (July 22, 2009), replacement receivers of a different model must be authorized and verified by the audiologist; replacement transmitters with same or different model (requires confirmation of frequency) requires validation only.

 Auditory Outreach, Provincial Outreach Program

AO-PRP, PRP-AO, CI-AO PRP, Provincial Outreach for Cochlear Implants and Auditory Training Equipment Program

Whichever name we are known by, Auditory Outreach, in collaboration with provincial centres, local audiologists and other service providers, assists public and group 1 and 2 independent schools throughout the province address the needs of school-aged students through loans of assistive listening devices for individual students with hearing loss identified as needing this technology for school use. In addition to equipment loans and services, we offer audiology, speech language pathology, and hearing resource teacher expertise and outreach in support of the development of local capacity, through consultation with school staff and parents, assistance with assessments, and assistance with the establishment of goals for individual education plans for cochlear implant students.