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The Coast Mountain Academy is an enriched outdoor education program which focuses on character development through Leadership, Citizenship and Outdoor Adventure! The academy offers students a unique opportunity to obtain skills and certifications that prepare them for their future careers and studies.

There are infinite reasons to get involved. Students will:

  1. Paddle, climb, hike, bike, boat, build fires, act, share, play music, break and fix things,
    learn, teach, smile, laugh, cry and EXPERIENCE LIFE !
  2. Develop and enhance their leadership capacity
  3. Serve their community
  4. Acquire the necessary hard skills and certifications to find employment
  5. Develop the necessary life skills to be balanced and healthy people
  6. Be outside, learning in a classroom without walls
  7. Develop a bio-geographic and geo-climatic knowledge of the region
  8. Shake hands with potential employers
  9. Develop their sense of self-determination
  10. Enhance their environmental awareness, ethic, and sustainability skills
  11. Act as role models and mentors to younger students
  12. Keep it real and relevant!

For more information speak with Jim Palm, or go to the Coast Mountain Academy website.

Contact Us

4351 Ontario Avenue, Powell River, B.C., V8A 1V3 Phone: (604) 414-5395 Fax: (604) 485-4895

Hours of operation

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

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