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Brooks Secondary School
Striving to be the best

Brooks Code of Conduct:

  1. We encourage all individuals to take pride in their uniqueness and in their accomplishments.
  2. We respect the rights and property of others.
  3. We attend school, are punctual, and are prepared to work to the best of our ability.
  4. We contribute in a positive manner to establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment in which all can learn and succeed.
  5. We conduct ourselves in a manner that brings credit to ourselves, the school, and the community.
  6. We appreciate and work to understand the differences of others including those of gender, race, and cultural background.
  7. We are committed to an orderly and positive school climate. We believe that such a climate promotes better teaching and learning. Our Code of Conduct is the basis for student behaviour expectations and consequences for misbehaviour.

For success at Brooks, students...

  1. Attend school regularly.
  2. Are on time for school/classes.
  3. Follow general school rules/procedures.
  4. Apply themselves to their work.
  5. Follow classroom rules/procedures.
  6. Are polite to other and with staff.
  7. Treat school property and equipment with respect.
  8. Accept reasonable consequences for misbehaviour.
  9. Are respectful of school neighbours and school visitors.
  10. Conduct themselves in a manner which will in no way compromise the safety or well being of others.
  11. Follow the reasonable directions/requests of all staff.

Writing Expectations:

All courses at Brooks Secondary will include a writing component. The type of writing varies depending on the course; however, all courses include the expectation that students know and adhere to the standard conventions of English. The following are basic guidelines for good writing:

  • establish a purpose or thesis
  • having good structure/organization
  • writing in complete sentences
  • using effective transitions
  • demonstrating proper mechanics: capitalization, spelling, punctuation
  • understanding that simple writing is often more effective than unnecessarily complex writing

The specific expectations for individual courses are described on course outlines or conveyed to students by their teachers.

Brooks Secondary School

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