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Timetable + Centre Schedules

Please note that for September 2020/2021 this is subject to change depending on the Phase of opening our province is in.

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Early Dismissal Schedule:   Wednesday October 21, 2020 and    Wednesday March 17, 2021

  • Parent Teacher Interviews 6:30pm - 8:30pm (Great Hall and Library)
  • note that buses will run in the PM one hour earlier than the normal route times.

Please note the dates for early dismissal and parent teacher interviews for 2020/2021 are : 

Open Centres

Open Centres (OCs) are an integral part of our flexible schedule.  There will be a OC during second period each day Monday through Thursday, to help students have access to intervention or enrichment time within the schedule.  There will be some instances where the first period of the day will extend the class into a double block.​​


Students that have fit into any of these categories: Recently missed class, owe work, received an I, below 50%.  These students are not allowed to leave the morning class.  They need to stay and catch up in that class during this OC.

OC Information

    1. Students need to be at OC on time and stay there for the entire block
    2. OC is class and instructional time. Students must be in a classroom or learning space
    1. Your first block teacher will make the decision as to whether you are required to stay in the class for an OC
    2. Students require agendas signed by the First Block Teacher.  In the absence of an agenda a student will require a note or "ticket out the door".
    3. The receiving "OC" teacher is required to collect the note or also sign the agenda. 
    4. During the OC you are expected to work on school work, special projects (supervised by a teacher) or silent reading
    5. All students have to plan ahead for OC time because if the learning space you're hoping to attend is already full, students will have to move back to their first block class or onto another location
      • For Grade 8 & 9 students they may only attend an OC with one of their current teachers (unless rooms are full or teachers are not available)
      • For grades 10-12 students may attend one with their current teacher or with approval of the OC teacher
      • Any movement should be minimal.  Students MUST use agendas / "ticket out the door".
    2. LIBRARY
      • Up to 30 Grade 12 students (in the window area)
      • Presently off-limits for all students during this time, although open for teachers to book their classes into.