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The VP's were seen to be giving the Principal a difficult time.
another test
I logged out and see what happens this time.
Bullying, another test
Brendan Clark was teasing me about my daily self-pleasuring
Good news
smoking pot behind the school
I was just trying to be a successful student but my studies were interrupted by a penis that was staring at me from the pages of my chemistry homework. I was so disgusted I couldn’t focus on my work and was forced to remove said penis with an eraser.
Bullying, Ladean was pushing me around
Drugs, Alcohol
it was a kid with long blonde hai wear a weed hat
Someone was vaping
A few grade nine guys have been harassing and name calling a couple of girls.  One of the girls is Ariana Reid and she's getting picked on more than the other.  Names being called are things like: slut, hoe, THOT (That Hoe Over There).  Ariana has confided in me about what's going on but hasn't asked for help because she doesn't want to be called a rat or have things get worse. 
Do u have any idea how many kids are stoned at school? Everyone goes across the street and smokes at this lady’s house, they call her chimp, and then they go to school. I think it’s kinda creepy personally, like she says she wants kids to have a safe place to do drugs but it just isn’t right...but seriously tho so many people are stoned I’m surprised people don’t get broken noses because gg was so stoned I didn’t think she could see a foot infront of her. Why don’t u do something
Drugs, sex
Complaint re:Electra Atkinson's comments to an underage minor  stating she "smokes weed",  and "smokes cigs" (cigarettes), said she is in a relationship with Tyler Wiltse  for 4 months who attends at alternate school and they have had sex (and her with others too from sounds of her written words) hundreds of times.  She says she is not allowed to smoke at all but she does.  This girl is communicating actively with a minor of the opposite sex about sexual things and asking all kinds of questions which seem to be (in my mind) trying to indicate to him that he is not normal for not having a sexual relationship and she seems to be making him feel that it is normal by her comments that she is having lots of sex.  I am concerned that this may cause her behavior and models to become those of others further causing problems at Brooks and in our community. 

I believe from what I have heard of her comments that her parents need to be informed of all of this in case this girl encourages other students to smoke cigarettes and "weed" as she calls it and to engage in sexual acts thinking that all of this is normal for their age group and in case  she gets pregnant and acquires a some form of psychosis and brain complications from continual cannabis use which she says she has been doing for 2 years. 

It appears that the student (s) from the alternate school is/are still having contact with other students via Brooks somehow and this is inappropriate if they are participating in spreading the use of drugs, sex, and other poor behaviors which will undermine the academic process and their future.
racist and bad
there is a swastica engraved into the floor by the online room:(
Not worth it
I paid $6 for a half full box of gross pad Thai and I think that's a crime thank you

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