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Last updated: Thursday, May 21, 2020

Please note that we take all direction from the District, Ministry of Education and Provincial Health Authority.  You can read more from their respective websites:

BC Ministry of Education Letter to Families

Q: What about Provincial Assessments for graduation (Numeracy 10)?
A: The date for Numeracy 10 (for Grade 12 students that are required to write ONLY) is Monday, June 8th.  Students that are required to write will be contacted directly.
The Ministry of Education has cancelled the April sittings of the assessments.  Grade 10 and 11 students will have their assessments postponed and Grade 12s still required to write will be given the opportunity to do so.  

Q: What are the most recent updates?
A: The restart plan is as follows:  k-12-education-restart-plan May 15 2020.pdf

Q: Is the school "closed"?
A: School is not "closed", rather, in-class instruction is suspended and the building is secured.  There are still a number of individuals that are working in the building, including Principals, administrative assistants, custodians and technicians.  We are working to develop the plan that can see Grade 8-12 students return to the building for 20% of regular instruction beginning June 1.  

Q: I answered yes, no, or maybe on the surevey and want to change my answer.  What can I do?
A: We are using the results of the survey for planning purposes.  We are not going to hold any families to their decision on the day you sent it.  You have every right to change your minds at any time.  We simply want to know ahead of the day of which student plans on coming in so we can plan out each day.  Like we have been doing, we are taking each week one day at a time and being cautious on how we move forward. 

Q: What is happening with classes?  Are they all online now?
A: Not necessarily.  Teachers have been working with students in a remote way to support the continuity of learning  for those families / students that have chosen to continue.  Students that continue to learn are taking part in remote learning opportunities and in some cases are working to increase their course mark.  This is a new process for everyone so patience and flexibility is important.  Beginning June 1, students that need in-person support can begin to attend school.  More information will be shared closer to the opening date.

Q: If I am passing and satisfied with my grade can I choose not to do anymore work?
A: No , you have more learning that needs to take place. Your teacher will provide you with learning opportunities that they feel you need to complete in order to satisfactorily move on to the next level. The expectation is you complete the essential work required, but if you have issues that prevent you from completing work you will not be penalized and should discuss it with your teacher. 

Q: What are the priorities of the Ministry of Education – Rob Fleming (CLICK HERE for letter)
Maintain a healthy and safe environment for all students, families and employees.
Provide the services needed to support children of our essential workers. 
Support vulnerable students who may need special assistance. 
Provide continuity of educational opportunities for all students.

Q: What was the message from the Superintendent of Schools Jay Yule (CLICK HERE for letter)
All elementary students will be advanced to the next grade. 
Learning opportunities will be provided but not required unless your child is not currently passing.
Secondary students will have an opportunity to improve their letter grade/percentage.

Q: Will I be receiving a report card for Term 3?
A. At this time students will not be receiving a term 3 report card, during the first week back after Spring Break your teachers shared your semester 2 course  marks with you, these will be your term 3 marks.  For all Grade 12 students teachers will input term 3 marks by Friday May 8, 2020 so you can use for your University transcript applications.  Alternatively you can still submit a self report for your March 30th mark with your application for Post Sec. 

Q: My child used to have an EA that worked directly with him/her.  What's the plan moving forward with Education Assistants supporting my student?
EAs are beginning to work remotely with students and have started some 1-1 at Brooks.  Some of our EAs are also working at our daycare facilities that have been started by our district in response to the COVID-19.  In those cases you might have someone else supporting you.  There are some individuals that have requested in person supports to our SPED teacher Mr. Biasutti and at this point If we haven't set something up for your child please reach back to us to get it planned.

Q: I think my email or phone number is wrong and I didn't hear from one of my teachers.  What do I do?
A: You can reach out to your teachers - there is an up-to-date list of staff and emails here or by contacting the main office.

Q: Can I come get stuff from my locker, or come drop off or pick up items/work?

A: Please email and book a time to come in and get essential items from your locker.  In addition, we have staff working at our drop off and pick up station, which is out front of the school from 9am-1pm  Monday-Friday.  Ideally those that want to drop items or work off can do this at the drop off and pick up station .  District Protocols are in place at the pick up and drop off station that are in accordance with the recommendations provided by Health Authorities, as we want to ensure everyone's safety. 

Q: I need a textbook/medication/other that is super important.  Can I access it?
A: Yes.  Please contact or come to the school between 9-1pm Monday through Friday to be granted access.

Q: I don't have access to technology (computer/iPad), but need it for lots of the learning required.  How can I get access?
A:  As of May 15, there is no more loans being processed as we are preparing the K-12 restart plan where students can get access to the building for educational support. 

Q: Why is Zoom being used?
A:  All SD47 teachers are using the Pro or Education platform of Zoom.  It has been reviewed by government as part of its review of applications used by public sector organizations.  for more info check here: Ministry of Education FAQ

Q: What's happening with Grad?
A: Class of 2020 Celebration

Graduates would attend Brooks at a scheduled time over the course of two days: June 23 & 24 to cross the stage in honour of their achievement after 13 years of school!  Grads are honoured during their grad year and do not have to "wait and see" if another event could happen and can share this important time with their family.


  • Graduates will have the opportunity to walk across the stage to honour their achievement with their family in attendance
  • Relatives, friends and family (not immediate) not in attendance can watch from live stream
  • Graduates will have a statement read about them (highlights from school, future plans, etc)
  • Scholarships will be distributed to recipients
  • Ceremony will be live streamed
  • Ceremony will be filmed and edited
  • Photography will be provided
  • Dignitary speeches, staff and student addresses will be filmed prior and available prior to ceremony

Protective Measures that guide our event choice and planning:

  • Public Health Measures: No large gathering over 50 people.  Contact tracing through scheduled times.
  • Administrative Measures: Organizing students into small groups. Students will be provided a time to attend with adequate spacing and timing to allow for physical distancing and sanitization. Staggering pick-up/drop-off times.  Immediate family only
  • Environmental Measures: time and space for cleaning and disinfection between groups
  • Personal Measures: hand hygiene available upon entry.  Stay home if ill
Q: How can I order a Yearbook?
Yearbook presale has ended and they are no longer available.  Once they arrive we will organize to get them to you.  Thank you to Mrs. Bakker and her team of students especially Rhianna and Cayce.

Q: Are scholarship packages were due on May 1 and DAS are June 30?
A: The deadline for local scholarship packages was extended to May 1.   All the information is at this website:
District Authority Scholarships are due June 20th as indicated in the Application Package. 

Q: What about Provincial Assessments (Literacy 10/Numeracy 10)?
A: The Ministry of Education has cancelled the April sittings of the assessments.  Grade 10 and 11 students will have their assessments postponed and Grade 12s still required to write will be given the opportunity to do so.  

Q. Are clubs still happening at Brooks?
A: The following clubs are ongoing at Brooks during this time:
Stu-Crew: Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. McSween  - pls contact for more information
Environment: Mr. Dyck, Mr. Cocksedge Meeting weekly at 1:00pm on Fridays 
Graduation: Mrs. Larkin, Mrs. Ellis  -pls contact for more information
GSA Ms. Dunlop  - pls contact for more information
Students4 Change - contact Ms. Kennedy 

Q: What do I do if I am having trouble accessing the portal?
A: Please use the following supports if you are having troubles accessing:
MyEdBC Online Tutorials & FAQ: MyEdBC
Email Support: