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Brooks Secondary School
Striving to be the best

​The pick up times for route 2B (heading towards Brooks and James Thomson) will be rolled back by 5 minutes starting Friday September 26th, 2014. Please click on this link to download the adjusted route.

​We are reminding students and parents that we are working as quickly as possible to get our students' timetables correct. This will take time as we go through and balance our classes. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Attached is the procedure we will be using. timetable changes procedures.pdf

8:58 am            All students (Gr. 8-12) will go to their Homerooms. Homeroom Lists will be posted throughout the school and administrators will be on hand to help students find their location. 10:00 am          Gr. 9-12 students will be dismissed – busses will arrive early for pick-up 10:15 am          Grade 8 students will be dismissed from their Homeroom and make their way to    the theatre. 10:25 am          Grade 8 Welcome by school administrators in the theatre. 10:35 am          Grade 8 students will go through a "Mini-Timetable" walk through. 11:15 am          Gr. 8 students will be dismissed – busses will arrive early for pick-up Open House & Self-Guided Tours From 6:00pm -7:15pm school administrators will be hosting an Open House and students will be able to bring their parents to Brooks for self-guided tours of our wonderful facility. This will be a very good opportunity for our Grade 8 students and any new students to Brooks to get more familiar with our building. 

Unfortunately due to the labour dispute, and mechanical problems with our printer, we have been unable to send out all of our bus passes in time for school start up. We are currently working on an alternative and once cards have been printed they will be distributed to your children's schools and sent home from there. Once students have received their cards drivers will begin to check when students board the bus each morning. In order for your child to receive their pass we MUST receive an application prior to the end of this month. Applications received after September will be processed when there is time.  In the mean time you can continue to find route information here. If you have not yet submitted an application please download one from here and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at transportation@sd47.bc.ca. Thank you for your continued patience,​ The Transportation Department