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Striving to be the best
Ahms Tah Ow

Who We Are

Since February 2004, Ahms Tah Ow School has been a cooperative venture between Tla'Amin Nation and School District # 47 (Powell River).
Our school offers academic instruction to students in grades 9-12 and also functions as a Career Achievement Centre for Tla'Amin Nation adults who want to improve their employability skills.

Ahms Tah Ow School strives to meet the various needs of the Tla'Amin community by offering a host of community based programs and services. Some of these initiatives include: After Hours Study Program, Community Library, Breakfast Club, Youth Summer Camp and Community Garden.

As a result of the strong partnership between Tla'Amin First Nation and School District # 47 (Powell River), we continue to build and improve upon the services that we offer.

Program Description

Ahms Tah Ow School provides educational, cultural and recreational programming to Tla'Amin Nations community members. Ahms Tah Ow School is proud to partner with School District # 47 (Powell River), Vancouver Island University, Career Link, Powell River Public Library, Tla'Amin Social Development and Sliammon First Nation HRSD to provide educational services that meet the diverse needs of our students.

Students have the opportunity to work towards the following educational goals:

  • Academic Upgrading for high school graduates

  • Completion of Grades, 10,11, 12

  • Regular Dogwood Graduation

  • Adult Dogwood Graduation

Other activities include language classes, work experience, employment readiness skills, life skills and recognized certification programs (Food Safe, First Aid, SuperHost, etc.) Various cultural and recreational activities as requested by students are offered. Elders and community members are encouraged to contribute to the delivery of culturally relevant programming.

Ahms Tah Ow School provides a learning environment that allows students to set individual goals, and learn independently at their own pace. Courses are delivered in a variety of ways including computer managed courses and learning packages. Direct tutorial support is available from qualified staff. Some group Math and English lessons are provided.

Students who are motivated to get an education and who are mature enough to work in a self-paced, adult environment have a greater chance of success. Ahms Tah Ow School has continuous intake throughout the school year. Four formal reports are issued during the school year. (November, February, April, June). Individual and group counseling is available.


  • Provide access to relevant education

  • Provide access to traditional Sliammon Knowledge, culture and values

  • Increase availablility to recreational and physical activities

  • Progress towards healthty living, healthy life style choice and self-reliance.

  • Establish and maintain a relationship between the elders and youth in our community

  • To encourage students to be active members of their communities