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Role of a School Counsellor
School counselling functions include individual, group and class work to provide both an intervention and a prevention service. The counsellor:
  • promotes personal and social development appropriate to developmental stages;
  • counsels students, their families and the community to foster growth in the students' self esteem, individual responsibility, and in skills such as decision making and social skills;
  • ameliorates factors which may precipitate problems for students;
  • enhances students' educational achievement through goal setting, assisting with the development of Portfolios, IEPs and activities such as promotion of effective work and study habits;
  • provides appropriate interventions to assist students with school-related problems and issues;
  • facilitates the goals of career education by assisting students and their families to explore and clarify the student's career options, through developmental activities that stress decision-making, personal planning and career awareness.
Adapted from BC Ministry of Education (2013). Counselling in schools. Special Education Services: A Manual of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, 26-29.
When students require support for personal issues that go beyond the scope of a school counselling role, we will be happy to assist students and their families in making referrals to community resources and outside agencies.
 Further information and resources:
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Last updated: October 9, 2015