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The District Scholarship List and Application Packages are now available from the Brooks office, or below. Please note that all applications must be in no later than April 3rd, 2020 . Please note this deadline has been now moved to May 1, 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis.


Make sure to apply for the 2019-2020 District Authority Scholarship:

District Authority Scholarship 2019-2020.docx

District Authority Scholarship 2019-2020.pdf

Brooks Major Awards Nomination Forms Due 3pm June 12th:

Pauline Galinski Award Nomination Form.doc

Herb Marrion Award Nomination Form.doc

Max Cameron Award Nomination Form.doc

Additional details for submitting scholarships:

1. Only one general application for the district scholarship package is needed

              **however, the applicant will need to indicate very clearly in the application and in the email body, which scholarship(s) they are applying for from within the District Scholarship package. 

2. All required additional information for each District Scholarship will need to be included and added to the email as: pdf, word or other (so long as it will be printable). 

3. Please submit District Scholarships in one email, but all additional scholarship - that are not part of the District package - as separate emails.  This way we can organize clearly and accordingly for the staff committee review. 

All students are to submit future applications via email to:  

* Please see the bottom of the page for additional scholarship resources and supports. 

District Scholarship List Mrch 2, 2020.pdf

District Scholarship Package March 2, 2020.pdf

Additions to the District Scholarship Package (please follow the District Scholarship Package instructions and details for the two additions below): 

 Jones Family Foundation Scholarship.pdf

Powell River Head Start Scholarship.pdf

Additional Scholarship Opportunities (The following will need to be submitted as separate submissions from the District Package):

Pride Month Presents:
Opportunities are available until June 21st, please apply! 

VIU President and Chancellor Entrance Scholarships.pdf   Application DUE April 17th 3:30pm

Submit application via word document to:   

The VIU President and Chancellor Entrance Scholarships: The Scholarships (valued at $24,000) will be distributed to grade 12's planning on attending VIU next year who meets the follow criteria (below).  SD47 is able to nominate the top candidates going to VIU who meets the following criteria for the VIU Entrance Scholarship. Any current SD47 who will be graduating June 2020 who has applied to VIU and wishes to apply for either scholarship will need to complete a paragraph (word doc.) detailing full legal name, current school, and which area of study they will be pursuing at VIU. Transcripts should be attached, or full legal names if applicant is a Brooks student, so Brooks can run the applicants diploma verification.  

BC School Sports Scholarships - Due May 4th

BCSS Scholarships 2019-20.pdf

Lisa Huus Bursary: to assist students with physical disabilities to begin or continue their post secondary education in BC. Applications are due June 30th, 2020. For more information please review the poster link directly below.

2020 Lisa Huus Bursary poster_2020 04 16.pdf

Connex Trades Scholarship - Please click (here) for more information

The Connex Foundation will award two $5,000 USD scholarships in 2020 to individuals pursuing a career in the skilled trades (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry). Applicants must be enrolling in a full time program and have a cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.5or higher. As well, applicants should have a history of active involvement in extra-curricular activities or work. The deadline to submit an application for consideration is March 2, 2020. 

BC Government and Services Employees Union (BCGEU) Scholarship - Please click (here) for more information and online application. 

Applicant must be in good standing or related a current, retired or deceased BCGEU member or staff. A student or prospective post-secondary or higher learning student enrolled, registered, or planning to attend an eligible educational institution in 2020. Applicants will need to submit personal information, and a short essay.  More information can be found in the Brooks counselling suite, or online by following the link in the instructions just above. 

Kwantlen Polytechnic University - for access to the home page click (here)

Major Entrance scholarships of $5,000 and $20,000 for first time applicants for fall 2020 or spring 2021. Please see the counselling suite for more details or click on the link above. 

Clean Energy Scholarship:

This scholarship is for grade 12 students who are graduating in 2020. To apply for the scholarship, we ask that students submit a reference letter as well as a 500-word essay answering the question, "Why is clean energy important to me as a young person in BC?"
The application deadline is Thursday, May 14th and we will be contacting the winner in early June. You can find more information on our website (here). In addition, I have attached a PDF of the application criteria to this email.

Irving K Barber Scholarship:   for more information please kick (here)

The Irving K Barber BC Scholarship Society provides scholarships and financial awards to help British Columbia post secondary students acieve their educational goals.  Please visit the site for find out more information, there are specific categories for transfer students, international students, indigenous students, and women in tech. 

The Jones Family Foundation Scholarship:   Jones Family Foundation Scholarship.pdf

This is a $900 scholarship available to any students from Texada, or students pursuing a education in the forestry sector, who are planning on attending post secondary over the 2020-2021 school year.  Students need to simply download the District Scholarship Application Package above, or get a package from the school office to apply.  The above scholarship details outline the scholarship, but the application is the District Application. Pls see Brooks office or Mrs Larkin for more details. 

Loran - Applications due Dec 2019 (concluded)

Schulich Leader Scholarship - SD47 nominee selected January 22, 2019 (concluded)

BC Excellence Scholarship - Nomination forms can be found in the counselling suite, DUE Jan 31st 9am to Mrs. Larkin  (Concluded)

There are 55 BC Excellence Scholarships available to recognize well-rounded B.C. graduates. Winners demonstrate service and leadership, both at school and in their communities. Winners also show aptitude and commitment to their chosen career paths. They will receive a $5,000 scholarship voucher to use towards their post-secondary tuition. You must be nominated by your secondary school in order to apply for this scholarship. Only one student from each school may be nominated. Please inquire with Mrs. Larkin ASAP if you would like to be considered for this scholarship. One Brook's student will be nominated by January 31st. The nominated student will have until Feb 28th to apply online. 

Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship - Please click (here) to apply

The Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship is awarded to 20 outstanding high school graduates who have demonstrated a commitment and aptitude for a career path in K-12 teaching. Winners will receive $5000 scholarship voucher to redeem once they are registered and attending an approved K-12 teacher training program. Please visit the counselling suite for more information. Deadline to apply is Feb 28, 2020. 

BCSSA Scholarship- Please click (here) for more information Due Feb 14th 

The BCSSA has a $1000 scholarship for any student graduating in June 2020 with plans to attend a PSI. In selecting the recipients for this years award the scholarship committee will consider demonstrated exemplary service and leadership within the school and community. Applications are due Feb 14th, 2020. Applications available in the counselling suite at Brooks. 


- Scholartree is a free, user friendly site to help students search for Canadian scholarships, budget, and start applying for scholarships in their area.
- At the bottom of there is a downloadable budget planner that students can use to prepare for next year at post secondary

- Here is a blog outlining the most common mistakes we see on scholarship applications -

If you are wishing to be nominated for a scholarship by SD47 Brooks, please complete the following : 

Scholarship Nomination Form 2.0 .docx     (these  have concluded for  the 2019-2020 year)

Scholarship-Scoring-Rubric-2019-2020.docx (These have concluded for the 2019-2020 year)


B.C. Ministry of Education Scholarships :

Student Loans


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