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Brooks school counsellors are available for consultations with students and/or parents. The aim of our school counselling program is to support the educational, personal, social, emotional and career development of all students in our school.
We provide assistance with
  • course planning
  • transition from elementary school
  • occupational and career planning
  • post-secondary education planning
  • scholarship and bursary information
  • personal counselling
  • academic advising
  • financial aid
When students require support for personal issues that go beyond the scope of a school counselling role, we will be happy to assist students and their families in making referrals to community resources and outside agencies.
Parents are encouraged to contact the school counsellors at any time with concerns regarding their child's educational achievement or other school related problems and issues.
The Brooks Counselling Centre welcomes students to drop into the counselling office before school, during class breaks, after school or during a study period to make appointments with their alpha counsellor (find your counsellor on the right) or browse through the information files and resources.
To make an appointment, please sign up to see your assigned counsellor. There are appointment sign-up sheets available on the front counter of the counselling office. Students should inform their teacher if they are missing class to see their counsellor and are responsible for work assigned during classes missed for counselling appointments.

Last updated: September 15, 2015


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