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Parent Participation

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

All parents and guardians are automatically part of the Edgehill PAC and have a voice in PAC related activities. The Edgehill PAC was formed in 1981 and has been active in the school ever since. Election of Officers is held each June for the following year and all positions are for a one year term. The PAC group holds monthly meetings in the library. The dates and times of these meetings are announced in the school newsletter.

The general purpose of PAC meetings is to share information with school administration and teachers concerning school programs and school goals and initiatives.

The main responsibilities of the PAC are:

  • Crossing Guard
  • Call Back
  • Hot Lunch Program
  • Fund Raising
  • Education and student support

Please support your PAC by attending the monthly meetings and add your voice to the others.

School Planning Council (SPC)

Edgehill School Planning Council consists of three parents (one a member of the PAC Executive), the Vice Principal and the Principal. The SPC works with the staff to help set school goals, plan implementation activities and monitor progress.

School Based Team

Our school-based team provides a support network to teachers and parents of students with special needs and students with learning and/or behaviour concerns.

Students are referred to SBT by their classroom teachers. Our Special Education Teacher then contacts parents to set up a meeting date and gathers together the team. The team is made up of parents, the students' classroom teacher, the Special Education Teacher, an Administrator, an Advising Teacher, and various members of the District or Community Agencies when appropriate. The team reviews strengths and concerns of students and devises individual plans to further their school progress. The student's progress is reviewed periodically throughout the year.

Parent Volunteers

Our parents work with us in partnership in the education of our children.

We at Edgehill encourage and welcome parents to become involved in their child's learning. We appreciate volunteers who offer their time, assistance and expertise to make learning more enjoyable and beneficial.

  • The use of volunteers in the classroom is at the teacher's discretion.
  • A volunteer is defined as a person who assists with school related activities. The volunteer works with teachers and other members of the school staff.
  • The teacher is responsible for the education program, content and strategies, and therefore volunteers may carry out tasks such as working with a group of students, reading with children, photocopying, assisting with field trips etc. The volunteer always participates in these activities under the direction of the teacher.

Volunteers should:

  • Ensure the safety and well being of the children, but report discipline concerns to school personnel who deal with them.
  • Respect the rights of others. Parents, staff, and students have the right to respect, to privacy, and to confidentiality. Should you have concerns regarding your children and their involvement in activities taking place in the school, please feel free to discuss your concerns with the child's teacher and/or the school administration.
  • Express differences of opinions with staff privately.
  • Do not compare and criticize teachers, staff, and/or students.
  • Become familiar with the general rules and procedures of the school, e.g.: fire drills and routes, bell times so that they may work within these procedures and thus provide a positive role to the children.
  • Be punctual and reliable because teachers rely on volunteer's assistance.

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