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Rules & Regulations

Supervision and Student Safety

James Thomson grounds are supervised Monday through Friday by teachers, SSA's and the principal during the following times:

Before classes commence - 8:45 am to 9:00 am

Recess - 10:30 am to 10:45 am
Lunchtime - 12:10 pm to 12:38 pm
After dismissal - 2:45 pm to 3:10 pm

A reminder that the grounds are unsupervised at all other times before and after classes.

We often have sightings and see evidence of bears and cougars in our wooded area and field.

There are often times groups of older children present after school on our grounds.

To ensure your child's safety we request that students arrive at school no earlier than 8:45 am and leave by 3:00 pm.

Activities that occur before or after classes, are under the supervision of a teacher are of course encouraged and supervised.


Many children come to JT independently, by foot or bicycle. For safety reasons we require that children who ride bikes to JT;

  • Wear bike helmets while riding bikes
  • Obey the rules of the road to and from school
  • Lock their bicycles to the bike racks
  • Refrain from riding bikes on the school grounds

We allow students who ride scooters to JT to follow the rules for bicycles with the exception that they may store their scooters in their classroom cloakrooms.

Roller blades and skateboards are not permitted on JT grounds.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Parents often pick up and drop off students by car. We have an extremely limited parking lot and for safety reasons, we appreciate your cooperation in parking your car on the street to pick up and drop off students.

Please ensure your child crosses at the crosswalk if they are being picked up by car.

Please do not park in the crosswalk and obey the speed zone of 30 km when dropping off and picking up children.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is provided for students who live north of Wildwood and full day Kindergarten students. These students are issued with SD #47 bus passes. Only students with bus passes are allowed to ride the bus.

The bus driver is entrusted with the safety of the students while they are on the bus. If you have ever driven a group of children any distance you know that a nerve wracking experience can occur when the children do not obey your rules.

Students are expected to obey the directions of the bus driver at all times. All cases of misbehavior are reported by the bus driver to the principal, who will contact the parents by phone and/or letter. Repeated instances of misbehavior on the bus by a student will result in consequences ranging from a day's suspension to a term's suspension from riding the bus.

Riding the bus is a privilege and all JT students are expected to follow a Bus Code of Conduct while on the bus.

JT Bus Code of Conduct: Conduct must be orderly and respectful at all times.

  • There is to be NO MOVING AROUND while the busses are in motion.
  • Students must remain in their seats until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Students will take seats assigned to them by the bus driver when told to do so.
  • Students are not allowed to put any part of their body out of open windows.
  • There is no eating allowed on the bus.
  • Students may talk to their seatmate in a quiet and well behaved manner. Shouting, turning around, horseplay and foul language is not allowed.
  • Hockey sticks, walkmans, skateboards, scooters are NOT allowed on the bus.
  • Students must board the bus at the stop nearest their homes. Students may not board the bus at different stops.
  • Students must bring a note signed by a parent if they wish to get off at a stop that is not their regular stop.
  • When leaving the bus the students must leave from the back to the front seats in an orderly fashion, no pushing or shoving.
  • When getting off the bus students must cross in front of the bus while its lights are flashing.
  • Any damage caused by a student to a bus will be paid for by the student or their parents.

​Social Responsibility and Discipline at JT

We work with you to instill and reinforce a high standard of Social Responsibility in our students.

Our Code of Conduct:

  • Take Care of Yourself
    • work hard at your studies - always do your personal best
    • be true to your values - don't let others pressure you
    • make sure you are ready for class, homework done, assignments at school, necessary supplies at school
    • respect yourself - solve problems peacefully
    • make sure you get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast
  • Take Care of Others
    • respect others rights and feelings
    • help classmates and friends with their classwork
    • respect the rights of others in the classroom to learn
    • respect and obey class and JT rules
    • help others solve problems in peaceful ways
  • Take Care of Our Place
    • ​recycle materials
    • do not litter
    • take pride in your school 

We use a problem solving approach to teach our students how to solve problems peacefully and how to become caring and responsible citizens.

Most problems can be worked out in this manner and consequences are designed to fit the problem.. However some problems have fixed and pre-determined consequences.

Physical abuse bullying/fighting will result in student suspension. Parents will be contacted and notified as to the manner and length of the suspension.

​Foul language - We consider this verbal abuse. Bad language/swearing will result in a phone call home and a written apology to the abused person. Swearing directed at a staff member will result in suspension.

We will explore different dimensions of Social Responsibility throughout the year on a school wide basis and we will keep you up to date about our activities and our progress in our Newsletters and through our assemblies.

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