James Thomson Elementary School
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Farm to School


James Thomson is proud to continue this exciting initiative: Farm To School.

This school-based project connects students at James Thomson to local food producers’ fresh and nutritious bounty through monthly, school-wide meals and related educational projects.

Why F2S?

F2S programs promote healthy students and healthy communities. Through regular meals made from local ingredients, F2S programs offer students fresh, delicious, and healthy foods. F2S goes to the “farm” but also beyond for its menus. In Powell River, we are very fortunate to live among such local abundance and a wide variety of farms and food producers who will provide F2S with meal ingredients – fruits, vegetables, fish and seafoods, baked goods and other locally prepared foods. Those local farmers and businesses benefit economically from their participation in our F2S program.

F2S programs also promote education. Perhaps the way to a student’s mind is through his or her stomach! F2S programs offer education about nutrition and healthy food choices as well as how foods are grown, harvested, processed, and transported.