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Staff Directory

Our teachers and staff here at James Thomson School pride themselves in providing the best educational experience possible. Each of our teachers is a skilled and qualified teacher, each drawing on their life experiences to help further the education of your child.

We hope that you come to enjoy your time with us, and if you have any troubles or questions please do not hesitate to speak directly with any of our competent and pleasant staff.


Principal Mrs. Jasmin Marshman

Office Manager Mrs. Terry Dingwell


Classroom Teachers  
Grade 6 & 7 Div. 1 Mr. Jono Roberts

Grade 4 & 5 Div. 2 Mr. Derek Elliot

​Grade 3 & 4 ​Div. 3 Mme Jacqueline Robinson​

Grade 2 & 3

Div. 4 Mrs. Sarah Shostak

Grade 2 & 3  Div. 5 Mon. Maxime Paquette

​Grade 1 ​Div. 6 Mme. Jessica Koop

Grade 1

Div. 7

 Ms. April Dimond

​Kindergarten Div. 8​ Ms. Lisa Traer​


Div. 9

Mme. Claudine Veran


Other Services
Music Mrs. Joanne Hansen

First Nations Teacher Ms. Karina Harry

Library  Mrs. Ruth MacKenzie

Special Ed. Teacher  Mrs. Michelle Shipley

Counsellor  Mr. Gerry Brach

​SSA  ​Ms. Norma Lazaroff


Ms. Aileen O'Keefe


SSA Ms. Renee Huval

SSA Ms. Marianne Roos

SSA Mr. Brad Adams

SSA Jane Brockington

SSA Mrs. Dana Sanderson


Ms. Barb Selby


SSA Ms. Brandi Marriott

Custodian Mr. Randy Bennett ​

StrongStart Program Mrs. Cindy Mitchell

Bus Driver Mr. Greg Mead