Kelly Creek Community School
More Than Just A School
Welcome to Kelly Creek Community School!

​​Parents, along with all community members, are a valuable component in the education of our children.

Research over the past two decades indicates that parent involvement in almost any form of education "produces measurable gains in student achievement." It is our aim to make this involvement as meaningful as possible.

In partnership with all of you, we look forward to another successful year of student growth in parent and community participation at Kelly Creek.

What Do We Offer You?

During the school year students from kindergarten to grade seven receive quality academic instruction under the supervision and guidance of our teachers, support staff, and administration.

The Community School Association works hand-in-hand with the school to provide and extend learning to a wider audience.

Our facility hosts programs catering to a wide variety of interests and needs (e.g., preschool, adult education, recreation, fine arts, crafts, etc.). The school is also the site for meetings, organizations, and annual community events.

Our After-School Programs fulfill the need to have children involved in an active and supervised program outside of school hours.

The Kelly Creek Community School, with the help of parents, teachers, and the larger community, lives up to its motto of "More Than Just A School".