Kelly Creek Community School
More Than Just A School
Parent Participation

PAC - A Way to Make A Difference

Our Parent Advisory Council works in liaison with the Community School Association and serves as a communication bridge between home and school. The PAC is a part of the British Columbia School Act and is the formal parental component of the school.

The mandate of PAC includes:

  • identifying and addressing school concerns
  • taking part in school planning to foster positive school and community relations

The PAC provides a meaningful opportunity for parents to become partners in their youngsters' education. Our council is made up of an administrator, a teacher representative, an elected president, secretary, treasurer, and other parent representatives from each classroom (and all interested parents).

The primary focus of our PAC is to improve the quality of school life for all Kelly Creek students.

The council helps establish school priorities and ensures effective communication to strengthen our school's alliance with parents. More information about PAC is provided through our monthly newsletters.

Parents as Partners

A Child's Education Is A Shared Responsibility

"You Cannot Direct The Wind, But You Can Adjust The Sail"

When you support education at home, you model lifelong learning. Your child will realize the value you assign to education, and see the application of learning to daily life. The expectations between home and school can remain consistent to ensure continuous progress.

Some ways you can ensure that your children are able to realize there full potential include:

  • plenty of praise and encouragement for tasks well done
  • physical activity, good nutrition, and adequate sleep
  • a regular time and place for homework and study
  • help with organization of school materials
  • time for listening to reading, working on projects, and reviewing work
  • high expectations for their "personal best"

Intellectual growth at home can be a learning experience for all concerned. Your children will begin to take a greater personal responsibility for their learning if they can share it with you. A few ways to enrich your child's development might include:

  • asking questions about what is being studied at school
  • watching television together, and using T.V. as a learning tool
  • doing "hands on" projects with them
  • actively respecting nature and the environment
  • exposure to fine arts (i.e., music, drama, dance, and visual arts)
  • problem solving and risk-taking together

Self esteem is crucial to children's success, both in-and-out-of school and life. When you keep in touch with the school, you can be an effective advocate for your children. Through your interest, you will show your children that they are important and that you value their work. The attention you display regarding your children's interests and concerns at school will enhance their sense of self.

 Special school events and parents' nights are extremely important to children. When you attend special events, you will reaffirm your role as a partner in your children's education.

 "Above all, you must be prepared to give your child time. For time alone shapes with silent hands. And you will never know when your child will choose to fly, if not in body, at least in mind and spirit, and move away from the life you have set out for it. When this day comes, the time you have given will be the only true measure of your influence, and from that day forward, it will be you who will long for the gift of time from your child."
- Kent Nerburn

Parents in the Classroom

Opportunities for Adventure

 Class meetings, newsletters, and parent-teacher meetings all provide contact with your children's teachers and the school, and outline areas and programs that require assistance. There is always a need for parent energy, expertise, care, and a good sense of humour in every classroom.

If you are a parent working outside the home, we can still share your talents and gifts. We also welcome extended family members, neighbours, and seniors to enrich our learning experience.

Call Back

This group of parents monitors the answering machine and calls parents to confirm the whereabouts of all absent students each morning. If your child is going to be away, please call and leave a message at 604-487-9925.

Head Checks

A group of volunteers maintains a regular preventative head check service to keep our school lice free.

Book Fairs

Our library features three book fairs during the year to introduce new and classic publications. Library volunteers promote reading and the accessibility of literature and research materials to our students.

Our September newsletter will provide an insert for volunteers to indicate their interest. Please have a look, the smile on your youngster's face will be worth the effort.

Community Connections

As our school and community become more interactive we encompass an ever increasing range of community activities.

The Craft Fair, Spring Tea, Carnival, Library Night and pre-school visits are some of the activities Kelly Creek School hosts during the year.