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Code of Cond​​uct

a) State​​ment of Purpose

Kelly Creek Community School is a learning community where we cooperate to ensure that the rights of all individuals are maintained. We accept the responsibility of instilling specific behavioural expectations so all may have an equal opportunity to learn and grow in a caring and respectful environment. Our philosophy is to provide a caring environment at KCCS, in which students will develop respect for themselves and others.

b) Conduct Ex​pectations

At KCCS, our statement of acceptable conduct is written in terms of student rights and responsibilities:

I have the right to:

  • be respected by others in a caring and risk-free environment.

I have the responsibility to:

  • show respect to others and myself
  • respect the belongings of others
  • be helpful and caring to others
  • resolve conflict in a constructive manner

I have the right to:

  • communicate openly and honestly with others.

I have the responsibility to:

  • speak at an appropriate time with respect and honesty
  • listen politely when others speak
  • be courteous to staff, parents, visitors, and other students

I have the right to:

  • work in a clean and safe environment.

I have the responsibility to:

  • respect the property of others
  • keep the school and grounds clean and free from litter
  • conduct myself in a safe and respectful manner in the school, on the playground, and on the bus at all times
  • follow school and classroom rules
  • wear inside shoes in the classroom and gym

I have the right to:

  • learn and to achieve my best.

I have the responsibility to:

  • attend school regularly
  • complete all class assignments and homework on time
  • take pride in doing my very best work
  • bring all necessary school supplies and gym strip
  • allow other students to do their best in the classroom

I have the right to:

  • participate in extra-curricular activities and field trips.

I have the responsibility to:

  • follow the school's behavioural expectations away from the school
  • act as a good ambassador of Kelly Creek Community School at all times.

The following behaviors are considered to be unacceptable at KCCS:

  • Hitting, kicking and uncalled for physical roughness
  • Intimidating behaviors - threats, harassment, verbal abuse
  • Defiance of an adult's instructions
  • Throwing objects (rocks, sticks, snowballs, etc.)
  • Damaging or stealing property
  • Any efforts to cause harm or discriminate against* another person based on, but not limited to race, religion, gender, physical or intellectual disability, marital or family status, sexual orientation or age
  • Acts of retaliation against a student who has reported incidents where the code of conduct has been broken


*  The Human Rights Code states:  discrimination occurs when someone is treated differently and poorly because of their race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital or family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, criminal conviction, political belief or lawful source of income.

As students progress through school, they are subject to rising expectations:

  • Acquiring greater knowledge and understanding about their personal behavior and its impact on others
  • Learning and using appropriate decision-making strategies
  • Demonstrating increasing self-discipline
  • Taking increasing personal responsibility for inappropriate behavior

c) Conse​quences

Consideration is given to the age and maturity as well as the intellectual, social and emotional capacity of the student along with the nature and frequency of the unacceptable behaviour. Minor problems are dealt with on the spot through discussion and reminders of expectations, or the possibility of logical consequences (e.g.. Misusing materials or equipment could lead to a loss of privileges for a specified period of time)

Students who continue to make poor choices in spite of minor consequences, or whose actions fall in the "unacceptable" group will be given escalating time-outs from the playground. This will generally involve a 20 minute problem-solving session with a staff member during the lunch break. During this time, students will discuss more appropriate strategies and work out a written plan for how they can handle similar situations in the future.

For the most serious of school-level problems at the discretion of the principal (or designate), the consequences may include an in- and/or out-of-school suspension.

Consequences should, where appropriate:

  • be thoughtful, consistent and fair
  • seek to prevent a recurrence of the offense
  • teach acceptable social behaviour rather than be merely punitive
  • Provide means for restitution and restorative actions
  • Involve the offender in determining a corrective plan of action

d) No​​tification

Communication between home and school is important. When students violate the Code of Conduct the school may contact:

  • The parents of the student who behaved in an unacceptable manner
  • The parents of the student victim(s)