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The flexibility of the PIE program has been a wonderful experience for our family. We set our own schedule, yet our teacher is always available for support; our kids always look forward to showing her their work and receiving her words of encouragement during report card visits. We’re thrilled with how they’re responding to their education, and we truly appreciate having this opportunity.

My family has been registered with PIE for the past 9 years. Prior to that time, I had tried several other alternative schooling options and become disillusioned with each in turn. When I discovered PIE, in its first year of existence, I found my "home"!
The experiences my 4 children and I have had with this wonderful program have been amazing. The teachers at PIE have always bent over backwards to allow us to tailor my children's learning experiences to each of their needs and desires. It has not been easy for our teachers at PIE to make all these things happen for us...but they have done it in every instance! I cannot imagine a better schooling experience than what I was able to offer my kids, thanks entirely to the Principal, the Coordinator and our family's teachers. Partners in Education is an excellent program, delivered by excellent people. WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR PIE!!

I have been with PIE since my oldest was in Grade 1; he is now in grade 6.
There are many reasons I have chosen PIE and school district #47 to register with, I will try and outline all of them.  One of the best features of the PIE program is that they try to tailor their program to meet all different homeschooling philosophies.  From people who want a fully structured school day at home with full curriculum support to those who want a more relaxed "unschooling" type of education for their kids, PIE teachers soon figure out where each family fits on the continuum and tailors a relationship with the family.  I love the fact that my neighbor has a completely different education approach than I yet we are both fully satisfied with the approach of our respective PIE teachers.  (In this case we both have the same teacher!)
The approachability of the teachers and principal of PIE are another strength of this program.  I have always felt able to write and be listened to when I have had a concern or suggestion.  The hands on approach of the Coordinator means that she knows all the families and their unique features. 
One of the best parts of PIE is the participation of all the students and parents at Camp Imadene.  I wish I could impress upon people the valuable lessons at the camp that have literally brought tears to my eyes. Our first year there I had to miss the "talent show" as I had a baby to put to bed.  My husband came back to the room and was incredulous.  He saw kids of all ages get up and perform.  There was a kid with an accordion, the crowd went wild, there was the tap dancing teenage boys, the crowd went wild, and there were the girls doing an irish dance.  Now if you've never seen an irish dance you have to know it's a little different, especially when you see it for the first time.....and of course the crowd went wild.  My husband said "I really don't think the response in a schooled environment would have been as overwhelming" or something to that respect.  The girls went on to teach all the other kids some Irish dances and the kids and parents danced on into the night (picture a mixture of line dancing and square dancing!).  I don't remember fun such as that when I went to school.
Each year the number of kids getting up to do the talent show astounds me and the response of the audience is always loud and raucous - My kids have got up and played piano each year, not always stellar performances, but always respected and appreciated.
Last year, the event that made me tear up was this.  The teenagers had a soccer ball and had a game set up out on the field.  The younger kids wandered out to watch and obviously wanted to take part....the big kids game stopped, the little kids divided up and the game continued.  The game obviously at a completely different level, but there was no hesitation amongst the big kids that it was the right thing to do.  Behavior I definitely want modeled for my kids.
The organizers at Camp Imadene itself have raised the level of activities to an incredible level, each day twice a day there are multiage group games where ALL the kids take part (and some parent volunteers) The kids absolutely love it.  On top of that kids can choose activities each day from  archery, boating, hiking, challenge course, GPS/Geocaching to name a few.  It is really wonderful to be there and be with my family and not have to worry about anything other than 'When is our next scheduled activity?'!  It is a three day "holiday" for me each year that I cherish as much as my kids do!

My son would not have graduated if we hadn’t found the PIE program for him in grade 10. His connection to his teacher was the only thing that kept him going through the subjects he found difficult and/or uninteresting. Despite a Ministry recognized learning disability and a knack for avoiding schoolwork, if at all possible, he was able to graduate at the same time as his same age peers. I believe this was possible for him because of the flexibility he had to do his school work in ways that were meaningful for him and he was able to keep working on the content that wasn’t as meaningful because of the relationship he had with his teacher. We are both very grateful for the role she played in his life.

We pulled our youngest son out of mainstream schooling for grade four.
We had been fighting for extra help and acknowledgement of his dyslexia since kindergarten and had reached a level of frustration that was intolerable for us as parents as well as for him as a student. He knew he was smart but he still couldn't read anywhere near his grade level.
The PIE program provided us with the flexibility to work at different subjects at the levels he was capable of - several grades lower for reading and writing but also several grades higher for math in which he excelled. The difference in his self esteem was amazing as he no longer felt stupid struggling with his reading and he was no longer bored with math as he could shoot along at his own pace.
The PIE staff were amazing helping us to find the right assistance for his difficulties and open minded enough to see how a global project based approach worked best with our son's learning style. Now in grade 8, he is reading a book a week and he loves learning. The PIE program provided him the time and space to find his own way around his reading difficulty.
Like all things of value, you get out of the PIE program what you put into it. It was worth the extra effort and more.
Thank you PIE - we love you.


Our family transferred from another program to PIE in hopes that I had more freedom to teach my children in the way and at the rate that they wanted and needed.  I have had all my hopes fulfilled with this program and love it to pieces more and more each year.
My children are talented (don't all parents think that?) and we live a 'seasonal' lifestyle that creates a unique learning pattern and PIE is open to all the characters that come with our family.  I feel that PIE is an inclusive programme accepting families with all different needs, desires and learning pathways.
I don't enjoy judgement and it's reassuring at each teacher visit for my children to only receive praise and positive feedback.
Thank you PIE for existing and thriving!


PIE Students

Grade 2

I like PIE. I get to see all of my friends at camp Imadene. I like Ms Ward and mom. (Click here to view original letter)

Grade 3

I like PIE very much, I like all my teachers like Lyndsay and Stephanie, they are really nice, and I can call them by their first name.  I like all the different ways of doing work, and if it is really hard it helps me figure out what is going on and how to do it.  I get to learn through playing games on the computer!!! I like school now!

Grade 4

I love Pie. I think it's a great program for homeschooling. Next year there are two new activities at Camp Imadene; a bouncy castle and a waterslide. Camp Imadene is three day long; perfect emount (SIC) of time to make freinds (SIC). I think homeschooling is better than normal school, heres why:
      • I don't get to go away from Mom
      • Schools quicker
      • I get freedom to have breaks and to chose (SIC) books.
      • I get to do three books and math on the computer.
I love Pie and my teacher (not Mom) Mrs. Ward (Click here to view original letter)

Grade 4

"I really like homeschooling because I get to have time to be outside more, go on adventures, hike and go mushroom picking. I like to spend time with my family. I also have more time to jam with my brothers and dad. I can read really good now too, and my favorite  book is 'Lord of the Rings.'

Grade 5

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is staying home with my family. I have more time to draw and do art. I really like all my paints, prisma pencils and especially my 'How to draw Dragons' book. Another thing I really love is we get a longer summer break. 

Grade 6

I love PIE because I am able to create more stuff then in school, because I am always at home, and so I have more time to get struck by an idea.

Grade 8

I found "normal" school really hard, it is hard to concentrate and focus on what is needed to be done.  With everyone doing other things and talking all the time it was hard to get anything done.  So far being at PIE I actually am excited to start school in the morning, knowing that I can stop and take breaks and not have people bugging me while I work and being able to pay attention really helps! ​

Grade 9

I really enjoy doing my schooling through PIE, because it allows me to go at my own pace, and it also allows me to learn about a broader range of topics than I would have opportunity to in a conventional school. My teacher is always helpful when I need her input.  

Grade 12

As a professional actor, working up to 55 hours a week on a sit-com, I don't get a lot of time to get schooling in. By being a student of PIE I am acquiring an education I can not imagine getting anywhere else with my kind of schedule. My teacher is incredibly supportive of me and has helped me stay interested in my schooling. With this support I have been able to keep my grades up and enter my last year of high school.
Feeling solid with my schooling has helped me find time to become a better actor.

Graduated Student

I would like to thank PIE for helping me complete my high school education in a fun, efficient, and effective way.
To the individuals who would like to tell us that a homeschooled education is inadequate, I would just like to point out that my siblings and I were homeschooled for an average of 11 out of 12 grades. I am now on the final stretch of a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering at UBC, my next-eldest sister made the Dean’s List for pre-veterinary medicine at UPEI, my other sister earned one of the 30 placements in a competitive H-Kin program, and my brother graduated high school a year ahead of schedule, and is now playing hockey (with college on the side). We could not have done so well without our Mom’s incredible dedication to her kids and our education; but the teachers at PIE were the best resource she ever stumbled upon.... (Click here to read the rest of the testimonial)

Graduated Student

My name is Emily, and I am a graduate of the Partners In Education program. I was a PIE student from grades 10 through 12 and I have nothing but good to say about my experience (Click here to view full testimonial)​