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About PIE

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Our Motto

Where life and learning meet.

Our Vision

PIE supports students and parents ​to develop and carry out an educational program that meets provincial learning standards. Educational programs utilize paper and electronic resources, but also incorporate the experiences of the families in order to realize the unique possibilities open to every student. We embrace the First People's Principles of Learning because learning, for all, is embedded in memory and history and that learning is sacred, takes time and requires patience. 

In the PIE program, we strive to:

- build supportive, respectful, trustworthy relationships with all members of our community, both in person and online;

- collaboratively develop holistic individualized learning programs for every child and intergenerational learning environment that acknowledges, reflects and celebrates unique interests, passions, quirks, goals and abilities;

- be flexible in all aspects of our shared educational experiences.

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Our Guiding Principles

Partners in Education believe in these core principles:

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Read more about our Core Principles: PIE - Core Principles.pdf

About Us

The Partners in Education (PIE) Program is an online learning school that allows children to be educated, in part or whole, at sites outside of regular school campuses.

​For families who have chosen to follow provincial curriculum, the PIE Program offers assistance, direction, and flexibility. Program options include online and/or paper based courses (depending on grade level) and individualized programs designed by students, when appropriate, parents and teachers.

The BC Ministry of Educ​ation issues “statements of what students are expected to know and be able to do at an indicated grade.” These statements, called learning standards, are specific for each grade and constitute the curriculum students will follow.

Parents work together with the teacher to develop an individualized Student Learning Plan for each child based on grade-specific learning outcomes. Although the curriculum is set by the BC Ministry of Education, the PIE Program offers flexibility in the approach to the curriculum, taking into account the unique learning preferences and needs of the students.

Often home educating/homeschooling families discover that enrollment in the PIE Program does not change their overall approach to educating their children. The element of change that comes with enrollment is accountability. Work samples must be presented to the teacher for assessment and report cards are issued based on these assessments.

By enrolling in the PIE Program, parents are agreeing to develop Student Learning Plans in conjunction with a BC certified teacher, to have their children follow provincial curriculum, and to provide work samples for assessment by their child’s teacher. 

Because the PIE program is based on building relationships with the families and teachers, the program is most effective for students living in near each of our main campuses in Bowen Island, the Comox Valley or Powell River, but we have a number of options for families living in other areas. Please don't hesitate to call or email to see if PIE might work for your family.

Provincial learning standards for all grades and subjects are available online at: