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​The link below contains a list of the online courses we currently have available. If you don't see the course(s), you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us as there may be a paper-based version available.

In general, most courses from elementary through the end of grade 9 are available online in Brightspace, but teachers are often able to adapt the online course or suggest paper-based alternatives for students that would prefer not to use a computer-based course.  For the graduation program (Gr. 10 to 12) some courses are available in paper or online format while other courses, particularly senior sciences and maths, are only available for students in the online version. 

For most online courses (grades 5-12) access to the online course, as well as the resources required to complete the course, are provided to the students at no charge (second language courses requiring the use of Rosetta Stone are an exception as there is a $75 charge for those courses that can come from the student's resource funds).  Should parents or students wish to supplement these materials, in order to pursue alternative options, up to $75 per course in resource funds can be utilized for materials that help the student meet the learning standards of the course(s).