Partners in Education
Online Learning across British Columbia

Registration vs. Enrollment

Students registered with a BC school are considered “homeschoolers” and are not required to follow provincial learning standards. Registration leaves families free to homeschool by the philosophy, curriculum, and schedule of their choice. Some schools offer modest funding to apply toward curriculum costs.

Partners in Education is an enrollment program. Enrolment differs from registration in that families choosing an enrollment program work with a BC certified teacher and student work is assessed using provincial learning standards. 

Enrollment Requirements

The PIE program may enroll students: in kindergarten through twelfth grade (that are at least five years old by December 31st), that reside in British Columbia, and whose families have email access. 

Note: School age children who are residents of BC must be registered with or enrolled in a BC school by September 30th each year.

How to Enroll

​In order to enroll in the PIE program, please follow the directions (in the box at the top of the page) on the documents page of our website: ​