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Provincial Requirements


The BC Ministry of Education stipulates that a BC certified teacher conduct assessments in order to verify that provincial curriculum is being followed. Reporting follows the Ministry of Education guidelines and procedures which require three formal reports and at least two informal reports per year.


Through observing activities, communicating with the family, and examining work samples, the teacher is able to identify learning standards which have been satisfied. This information, added to the results of any standardized testing, enables the teacher to produce a report card for each child three times a year.

Formal assessments involve a teacher review of work samples either through a home visit or by submission of a student portfolio. Many students enjoy this chance to show off the work they have been doing. Informal assessments may be accomplished by email, phone call, or home visit.

Home visits provide a chance for the teacher to interact with students and to view and discuss work samples. Alternatively, work samples may be submitted in the form of a student portfolio. However, since the student is not present to provide explanations, a written explanation must accompany each sample. 

Samples of student writing, mathematics, and reading documentation are needed for the student’s files. If a teacher has insufficient evidence of learning standards being met, then a formal evaluation may be administered. ​