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Partners in Education
Distributed Learning in Powell River & the Comox Valley

TO REGISTER - Please follow the directions below:

1. Please print and sign the Release of Information page and 2. submit the online form; both located at the two links below... Please print and sign the Release of Info document, then scan and email to stephanie.hall@sd47.bc.ca​ or fax it to 604 485 2759.

Release of Info Permission Form.pdf 

Please click on the link below then choose the Partners in Education form to fill out and hit submit. Someone will contact you as soon as possible once the form has been submitted.

​Click Here to Register

The registration process will not be complete until we receive both the printed and signed document as well as the submitted online form. Instructions for how to submit the Release of Information page can be found at the bottom of the online registration form. 

A) Kindergarten SLP.pdf
B) Grade 1 SLP.pdf
C) Grade 2 SLP.pdf
D) Grade 3 SLP.pdf
E) Grade 4 SLP.pdf
F) Grade 5 SLP.pdf
G) Grade 6 SLP.pdf
H) Grade 7 SLP.pdf
I) Grade 8 SLP.pdf
J) Grade 9 SLP.pdf
K) Grade 10 SLP Form.pdf
L) PIE 11-12 SLP Form.pdf
A) Kindergarten Curriculum Package.pdf
B) Grade 1 Curriculum Package.pdf
C) Grade 2 Curriculum Package.pdf
D) Grade 3 Curriculum Package.pdf
E) Grade 4 Curriculum Package.pdf
F) Grade 5 Curriculum Package.pdf
G) Grade 6 Curriculum Package.pdf
H) Grade 7 Curriculum Package.pdf
I) Grade 8 Curriculum Package.pdf
J) Grade 9 Curriculum Package.pdf
V5-I3-Mar 2015.pdfV5-I3-Mar 2015
V5-I2-Dec 2014.pdfV5-I2-Dec 2014
V5-I1-Sept 2014.pdfV5-I1-Sept 2014
V4-I3-Mar 2014.pdfV4-I3-Mar 2014
V4-I2-Dec 2013.pdfV4-I2-Dec 2013
V4-I1-Sept 2013.pdfV4-I1-Sept 2013
V3-I4-Jun 2013.pdfV3-I4-Jun 2013
V3-I3-Mar 2013.pdfV3-I3-Mar 2013
V3-I2-Dec 2012.pdfV3-I2-Dec 2012
V3-I1-Sept 2012.pdfV3-I1-Sept 2012
V2-I3-Jun 2012.pdfV2-I3-Jun 2012
V2-I2-Dec 2011.pdfV2-I2-Dec 2011
V2-I1-Sept 2011.pdfV2-I1-Sept 2011
V1-I4-June 2011.pdfV1-I4-June 2011
V1-I3-March 2011.pdfV1-I3-March 2011
V1-I2-December 2010.pdfV1-I2-December 2010
V1-I1-September 2010.pdfV1-I1-September 2010

Partners in Education

7105 Nootka St., Powell River, BC, V8A 5E3 | (604) 223-2472 (604) 485 2759 | stephanie.hall@sd47.bc.ca