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Report Card Notice - Nov 26.pdf
Jamie Burt11/26/2010
Newsletter December 1.pdf
Jamie Burt12/1/2010
December 17 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt12/17/2010
January 4, 2011 NOTICE.pdf
Jamie Burt1/4/2011
January 11 NEWSLETTER.pdf
Jamie Burt1/12/2011
February newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt2/4/2011
March 2 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt3/2/2011
March 11 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt3/11/2011
March 30 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt3/30/2011
April 5.pdf
Jamie Burt4/6/2011
GP CODE OF CONDUCT 10-11 - Copy.pdf
Jamie Burt4/15/2011
May 4 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt5/5/2011
GP School Calendar 11-12.pdf
Jamie Burt5/29/2011
June 1 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt6/1/2011
GP SIP 2011-2012 June 2011 copy.pdf
Jamie Burt6/23/2011
June 24 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt6/24/2011
June 29 newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt7/4/2011
Summer Office Hours.pdf
Jamie Burt7/11/2011
Sept. 9 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt9/9/2011
Newsletter Sep 22.pdf
Jamie Burt9/22/2011
Newsletter Oct 4.pdf
Jamie Burt10/5/2011
Newsletter Oct 20.pdf
Jamie Burt10/20/2011
Newsletter November 1.pdf
Jamie Burt11/1/2011
Kids Holiday Craft Sale.pdf
Clara Austin11/10/2011
Newsletter Nov 17.pdf
Jamie Burt11/17/2011
Newsletter November 29.pdf
Jamie Burt11/30/2011
December 16 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt12/16/2011
January 3 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt1/3/2012
PAC Valentine's Dance poster.pdf
Jamie Burt1/4/2012
January 10 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt1/10/2012
February 7 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt2/8/2012
GP CODE OF CONDUCT 2011-12.pdf
Jamie Burt2/9/2012
Grief Point Fest. of Performing Arts Times and Venues.pdf
Jamie Burt2/16/2012
Westview Elementary Logo Feedback Letter.pdf
Jamie Burt2/17/2012
March 9 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt3/9/2012
Newsletter (March 26).pdf
Jamie Burt3/26/2012
Newsletter April 16, 2012.pdf
Jamie Burt4/16/2012
Newsletter May 9, 2012.pdf
Jamie Burt5/9/2012
May 29 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt5/29/2012
June 13 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt6/13/2012
June 28th Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt6/28/2012
Gr.1 School Supply List.pdf
Jamie Burt7/12/2012
Gr.2 School Supply List.pdf
Jamie Burt7/12/2012
Gr.3 School Supply List.pdf
Jamie Burt7/12/2012
Gr.4 School Supply List.pdf
Jamie Burt7/12/2012
Gr.5 School Supply List.pdf
Jamie Burt7/12/2012
Gr.6 School Supply List.pdf
Jamie Burt7/12/2012
Gr.7 School Supply List.pdf
Jamie Burt7/12/2012
Kindergarten School Supply List.pdf
Jamie Burt7/12/2012
September 7 Newsletter.pdf
Clara Austin9/11/2012
Volunteer Form 2012-13.pdf
Jamie Burt9/17/2012
Newsletter Sep 24.pdf
Jamie Burt9/24/2012
Student Improvement Plan 2012-2013.pdf
Matthew Hull10/1/2012
Newsletter Oct 2.pdf
Clara Austin10/2/2012
Newsletter Oct 29.pdf
Jamie Burt10/29/2012
Clara Austin11/19/2012
December Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt12/3/2012
GP School Calendar 12-13.pdf
Jamie Burt12/19/2012
January Newsletter.pdf
Clara Austin1/8/2013
January 22 Newsletter.pdf
Clara Austin1/22/2013
January 28 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt1/29/2013
Matthew Hull1/30/2013
Grade Six RFTT novels  + ISBN.pdf
Matthew Hull1/30/2013
Festival of the Performing Arts.pdf
Clara Austin2/25/2013
February 25 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt2/25/2013
Meat Order Information and Forms.pdf
Clara Austin2/28/2013
March 2013 - Before Spring Break Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt3/15/2013
April Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt4/9/2013
May 3 Newsletter.pdf
Clara Austin5/3/2013
May 23 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt5/23/2013
June 3rd Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt6/5/2013
WV School Calendar 13-14.pdf
Jamie Burt6/9/2013
Fun Day Reminders.pdf
Jamie Burt6/20/2013
Gr 7 Supplies.pdf
Jamie Burt8/8/2013
Gr 6 Supplies.pdf
Jamie Burt8/8/2013
Gr  5 Supplies.pdf
Jamie Burt8/8/2013
Gr 4 Supplies.pdf
Jamie Burt8/8/2013
Gr 3 Supplies.pdf
Jamie Burt8/8/2013
Gr  2 Supplies.pdf
Jamie Burt8/8/2013
Gr  1 Supplies.pdf
Jamie Burt8/8/2013
Matthew Hull8/12/2013
Sept.6 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt9/6/2013
Volunteer Opportunities.pdf
Jamie Burt9/13/2013
Hot Lunch Order Form.pdf
Jamie Burt9/18/2013
Jamie Burt9/30/2013
September 30 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt9/30/2013
WV Fall XCountry 2013.pdf
Jamie Burt10/1/2013
October 24 Newsletter 01.pdf
Clara Austin10/24/2013
November 4th Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt11/4/2013
Kids Holiday Craft Sale.jpg
Jamie Burt11/14/2013
December 2 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt12/2/2013
December 19th Newsletter.pdf
Clara Austin12/20/2013
Matthew Hull1/6/2014
January 2014 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt1/7/2014
Student Led Conferences Feb. 2014.pdf
Clara Austin1/23/2014
January 31 2014 Newsletter.pdf
Clara Austin1/31/2014
February 2014 Newsletter.pdf
Clara Austin2/25/2014
April 2014 Newsletter.pdf
Clara Austin4/4/2014
April 23 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt4/23/2014
May 12 Newsletter.pdf
Jamie Burt5/13/2014
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