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National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women

December 05, 2022

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Violence against women and girls remains the most pervasive human rights violation around the world. Research from Statistics Canada has indicated that one-third of Canadian children under 15 have experienced some form of physical or sexual abuse.

December 6th is the National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women, which honours the women who were murdered during the tragic mass shooting at Polytechnique Montréal on December 6, 1989. It also marks the 12th day of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, a campaign to call out and speak up on gender-based violence, and to renew our commitment to ending violence against women, girls, and 2SLGBTQI+ individuals.

When someone faces violence because of their gender, gender expression, gender identity or perceived gender, that's called gender-based violence. SD47 is joining groups around the world who are pushing forward for a world free from violence. Our trustees, administrators, and educators are taking action in our schools and classrooms to build a culture of consent, awareness, and education to prevent incidents of gender-based violence.

The government has provided several resources to help teachers build a culture of consent in their classrooms and school

  • The B.C. government's Supporting Student Health guides (Elementary and Secondary) have been significantly expanded to include more content related to consent and gender-based violence. These guides provide background information and teaching suggestions to help teachers feel more confident and comfortable addressing these situations with their students.
  • Further enhancements have been made to the physical and health education curriculum to provide teachers with additional guidance on how to integrate these topics into their classrooms.
  • The erase website has expanded to include dedicated resources on consent and gender-based violence to prevent and respond to different forms of gender-based abuse.


The education system has an important role to play in helping to prevent these patterns of harm and abuse and as a district we are committed to building a culture of consent.