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StrongStart 2021-2022

School District 47 Early Learning is offering virtual  programming through publications  and on Instagram. Publications are created monthly and are both emailed to registered families and posted on this web  page. Visit this web page often for new developments and updates. 

The SD47 Early Learning Team has worked hard  to develop an online virtual presence to inspire families since the COVID-19 pandemic hit British Columbia in March 2020. 

SD47 StrongStart YouTube

SD47 StrongStart has a YouTube channel: CLICK HERE

2022-2023 Publications

StrongStart DO Sept 2022.pdf

StrongStart DO Oct 2022.pdf

StrongStart DO Nov 2022.pdf

StrongStart DO Dec 2022.pdf

StrongStart DO Jan 2023.pdf

StrongStart DO Feb 2023.pdf

StrongStart DO Mar 2023.pdf

2021-2022 Publications

StrongStart DO October 2021.pdf

StrongStart DO November 2021.pdf

StrongStart DO December 2021.pdf

January 2022 Parent Notice

January 2022 Notice.pdf

StrongStart DO February 2022.pdf

StrongStart DO March 2022.pdf

StrongStart DO May 2022.pdf

StrongStart DO June 2022.pdf

2020-2021 Publications

Weekly publications featuring fun ways to share time with children from the 2021/2022 school year.  

SS Newsletter Sept 21, 2020 Vol. 1 20.21.pdf

SS Newsletter Sept 28, 2020 Vol. 2 20.21.pdf

SS Newsletter Oct 5, 2020 Vol. 3 20.21.pdf

SS Newsletter Oct 13, 2020 Vol. 4 20.21.pdf

SS Newsletter Oct 19, 2020 Vol. 5 20.21.pdf

SS Newsletter Oct 26, 2020 Vol. 6 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Nov 2, 2020 Pub. 7 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Nov 9, 2020 Pub. 8 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Nov 16, 2020 Pub. 9 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Nov 23, 2020 Pub. 10 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Nov 30, 2020 Pub. 11 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Dec 7, 2020 Pub. 12 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Dec 14, 2020 Pub. 13 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Jan 4, 2021 Pub. 14 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Jan 11, 2021 Pub. 15 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Jan 18, 2021 Pub. 16 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Jan 25, 2021 Pub. 17 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Feb 1, 2021 Pub. 18 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Feb 8, 2021 Pub. 19 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Feb 15, 2021 Pub. 20 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Feb 22, 2021 Pub. 21 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Mar 1, 2021 Pub. 22 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Mar 8, 2021 Pub. 23 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Mar 15, 2021 Pub. 24 20.21.pdf


StrongStart DO- Apr 12, 2021 Pub. 25 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Apr 19, 2021 Pub. 26 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- Apr 26, 2021 Pub. 27 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- May 3, 2021 Pub. 28 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- May 10, 2021 Pub. 29 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- May 17, 2021 Pub. 30 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- May 24, 2021 Pub. 31 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- May 31, 2021 Pub. 32 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- June 7, 2021 Pub. 33 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- June 14, 2021 Pub. 34 20.21.pdf

StrongStart DO- June 21, 2021 Pub. 35 20.21.pdf

BC Ministry of Education publications for Families

The Ministry of Education has created three publications for families. See links to these documents below: 

Early Learning Framework- Family Guide.pdf

Lets Play- Family Activities.pdf

Play Today Family Guide.pdf


School District 47's Instagram site is: sd47strongstart. The schedule will be as follows starting in September 2020: 

  • Monday- no post
  • Tuesday- Posts inspired by the BC Ministry of Education publication- "Let's Play"
  • Wednesday- Nature Hunt
  • Thursday- Loose Parts-  Thursday posts will inspire the use of loose parts in play. 
  • Friday- Ayajuthem- WORD OF THE WEEK (language of the Tla'amin, K'omoks, Homalco and Klahoose Nations). 

We would love you to write a comment below any activity or idea you are inspired by. If you have picture you would like to share on our Instagram site, send it to rita.john@sd47.bc.ca

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StrongStart Newsletters from June 2020. 

Links to Newsletters from 2019-2020 School Year: 

Newsletter 1 June 3, 2020.pdf

Newsletter 2 June 8, 2020.pdf

Newsletter 3 June 15, 2020.pdf

Summer Newsletter• June 22, 2020 (2).pdf

Resources shared during Friday ZOOM session: April-June 2020

April 17, 2020: Let's Play- activities for families-   https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/education/early-learning/teach/earlylearning/lets-play-activities-for-families.pdf

April 24, 2020: Evergreen- creating environments that encourage outdoor exploration -   https://www.evergreen.ca/ 

May 1, 2020: Children's stories read by famous people- https://www.storylineonline.net/ 

May 8, 2020: The Smithsonian- fun stuff for kids and teens: https://www.si.edu/kids 

May 15, 2020: SD47 Learning at Home with Food https://sd47foodliteracy.com/  and 

at-home science lessons: https://mysteryscience.com/ 

May 22, 2020: Resources focusing on Butterflies: Butterfly Migration:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBakLuH6kDY ; Smithsonian Institute: butterflies- https://www.si.edu/spotlight/buginfo/butterfly 

See newsletter links above for more resources. 

Early Learning Team: 

Kate (StrongStart Facilitator at Henderson Elementary)

Paula (StrongStart Facilitator at Kelly Creek Community School)

Danielle (StrongStart Facilitator at Westview Elementary/SD47 ORCA Neighbourhood SS)

Kristal (StrongStart Facilitator at Edgehill Elementary/SD47 Neighbourhood SS)

Rita John (Early Learning Coordinator at School District 47 (Powell River))


Email: Raun.Rainbow@sd47.bc.ca