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DPAC Advocacy (District Parent Advisory Council)

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DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council)

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Education Related Sites

Parenting Information

  • Brain Health and Wellness - Have a healthier brain at any age!  Website of Brain Coach Gary Anaka.
  • Mentoring Boys - website of Barry MacDonald, author of Boy Smarts
  • The Teen Brain - information about sleep, growth, nutrition and the effects of drugs, alcohol and smoking on the teen brain.
  • The FRIENDS program is 10-12 week classroom-based program delivered by teachers, with proven results in reducing anxiety and helping children learn coping skills so they can bounce back from difficult situations. FRIENDS was first introduced in B.C. schools in 2004 and continues to be available to all K-7 schools throughout BC. For more information please check out the Friends for Life website designed to create stronger relationships between children and parents. information

  • IAP Kids Plus Accident Insurance

Internet and Media Awareness and Safety

  • Bad Guy Patrol - provides 5-10 year olds an interactive way to learn about online safety
  • Kid Proof Canada - provides proactive child safety programs for kids in communities across Canada
  • Be Web Aware - fantastic resource site for parents and educators about the Internet
  • Cybertip.ca - the 911 for the Internet
  • McGruff SafeGuard  (Parents on Patrol) - free software that lets parents work together to protect their children.
  • National Institute on Media and the Family - The goal of this organization is to maximize the benefits and minimize the harm of media on the health and development of children and families.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Information