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Staff Questions
My classroom is not conducive to student owned technology.  Am I required to allow my students to access their technology tools in the classroom?

Answer: We encourage teachers to leverage student owned technology tools in their classroom for learning; however, the use of technology within your classroom is at your discretion.  The design of the lesson should be used to determine the best use of student provided technology and the rules that apply. 

Some of my students cannot access the network on their laptops or phones.  I don’t have time in a class period to help them with this.  Should I put in a technology work order request or call the technology department?

Answer: No.  Students who cannot access the SD47 student network or who may have technical issues with their technology tool need to take care of this issue by working with their user manual that came with the device out of the classroom.  These are not SD47 devices and the district is not allocating resources at this time to troubleshoot issues.  You are welcome to help if you choose, but it is not a staff member’s responsibility to ensure that student owned technology is functioning properly. 

I have my own personal laptop and a smart phone.  I would like to utilize these tools at work.  Does this new plan include District staff?

Answer: Yes.  District staff can also access the SD47_BYOD Wi-Fi network.  School printers and servers may not be accessible with your own devices. 

One of my students was using his laptop to bully another student at school.  How do I handle this?

Answer: Any disciplinary infractions that occur from using technology tools should be handled via regular school discipline policies. 

Will students have access to any common software packages via the student network access?

Answer: No locally installed software packages will be available.  We will continue to evaluate the needs for the future and make changes based on district recommendations.  All web based resources provided by the school will be accessible to the students via the school SharePoint sites. 

What do I do if one of my student’s devices is damaged or stolen?

Answer: Any theft issues should be handled as you normally would in your school.  SD47 is not responsible for any damage or theft of student owned technology tools.  It would be good to remind students to keep a record of the device’s serial number just in case a theft occurs.