Auditory Outreach
Provincial Resource Program
Cochlear Implants


We are formally titled the Provincial Outreach for Cochlear Implants & Auditory Training Equipment Program, and more commonly known as Auditory Outreach.

In addition to providing loans of assistive listening devices for student's with hearing loss, Auditory Outreach also provides specialised services for the unique population of students with implantable devices, including cochlear implants. The program endeavours to:

  1. Provide current technologies to enhance auditory accessibility to the curriculum for students with hearing loss.
  2. Work collaboratively with provincial implant centres, schools/ districts, and families, to ensure students with cochlear implants receive maximum benefit from their devices. Where the implant centre deems appropriate, provide assistive technologies to supplement the speech processor.
  3. Promote local capacity to meet the needs of students with cochlear implants.​​
Audiology, speech language pathology and hearing resource teacher outreach supports are available for CI students. 

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