Auditory Outreach
Provincial Resource Program

NEW - COVID Cleaning Guidelines - Equipment Cleaning Guidelines September 2021.pdf

​​​​We will continue to check for updated guidelines but please follow Provincial Health Orders, information provided at COVID 19 safe schools Province of British Columbia and through each district/ independent school.

Please also see our EasySheets for Roger equipment and more

​​​​​EasySheets, including an Equipment Overview-Troubleshooting guide, provide tips on the function and basic troubleshooting of some of Auditory Outreach’s most frequently requested equipment. These sheets were created with the new user in mind and do not include some of the more sophisticated capabilities of the equipment. For that information, please review the user manual or contact Auditory Outreach.​

In addition to the new Roger EasySheets, we're working to update others. Please contact or 1-866-430-4327 ext 1 for equipment troubleshooting with program manager Melanie Gosselin or reach our program audiologist at or 1-866-430-4327 ext 4. 
BAHS EasySheet.pdf
Classroom Tips.pdf
DigiMaster EasySheet.pdf
EasyLink+ EasySheet.pdf
Equipment Cleaning Guidelines September 2021.pdf
Equipment Overview-Troubleshooting.pdf
Inspiro with MLxi EasySheet.pdf
Inspiro with Soundfield EasySheet.pdf
iSense EasySheet.pdf
Kanso with MM2+ EasySheet.pdf
Kanso with Roger Inspiro EasySheet.pdf
MLxi Baha EasySheet.pdf
MLxi with Roger for CI EasySheet.pdf
N6 with Roger inspiro EasySheet.pdf
N6 with Roger Touchscreen EasySheet.pdf
N7 with MM2+ EasySheet.pdf
N7 with Roger Inspiro and MM2+ EasySheet.pdf
Roger Focus EasySheet.pdf
Roger Inspiro Roger X Marvel EasySheet.pdf
Roger inspiro with MLxi EasySheet.pdf
Roger Inspiro with Roger X EasySheet.pdf
Roger MyLink Roger Inspiro.pdf
Roger Touchscreen Roger 20.pdf
Roger Touchscreen Roger Focus EasySheet.pdf
Roger Touchscreen Roger X EasySheet.pdf
Roger Touchscreen Roger X Marvel EasySheet.pdf
SMART Board EasySheet.pdf