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What Is A Personal FM System?


A personal FM system is a wireless system which transmits the teacher’s voice directly to the student’s hearing aids. The personal FM system has three main parts: the transmitter, audio shoe, and receiver.


How It Works

The transmitter is the device that the teacher or speaker uses.  The transmitter is typically clipped onto the users clothing at waist level. A microphone is plugged into the transmitter and comes in the form of either a boom microphone (headset) or a lapel microphone. When the user speaks into the microphone, his/her voice is transmitted to the student’s hearing aids through the receivers. 

The audio shoe is a small device that enables the student’s hearing aid to support an FM receiver. Some audio shoes slide onto the end of the hearing aid, while others clip in.

The receiver picks up the FM signal. The receiver has three small prongs that connect with the corresponding three holes on the audio shoe.