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Technology Services
​Technology Services
Information Technology Manager
Steve Hopkins
Client Systems Administrator
Karen Gordon
Network and Systems Administrator
Jordan Coe​
ICT CoordinatorMatthew Hull


"To foster innovation in the use of classroom technology in a sustainable manner with ISTE NETS-S as a framework."


"If you use a web-based service and don't have to pay for it, you're not the customer; you're the product." - The Internet


Over the last few years, efforts were focused on acquiring systems and stabilizing District infrastructure. With that goal largely accomplished it's time to turn our attention towards supporting visions for technology in the classroom. 
District direction will shift from stabilization to enhancement and utilization. Future goals will focus more on the integration in the learning process rather than what equipment we have where and how much we need. 
  • Web-based learning environments
  • On-line learning/classes
  • Interactive whiteboards (Mimio Teach)
  • Special technology classes and/or K-7 Scope & Sequence of Tech
  • Ongoing technology curriculum updates
  • Use of productivity applications (MS Office)
  • Evolutiuon of mobile technologies/BYOD
  • Staff development

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