International Student Program
School District 47 - Powell River
Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions by Students, Families, and Homestays. If you have any questions regarding our International Program please feel free to send them to our Program Coordinator Brin Bymin.   

 School Questions

  • Who are the people who can help me?
    At school, your teachers are there to help and support you with any questions you have about your classes. The ESL teacher is available for extra help and for daily support as you adjust to Canada. School counselors are available to help you with your course planning, scheduling, and any personal issues that might arise. Your homestay parent is available to help you with home issues and questions about Canada and the community. The homestay coordinator is available to help you with VISA and immigration issues and homestay questions. She is also in contact with your school teachers, ESL teacher, counselors and homestays at all times.
  • When are schools open in Powell River?
    All schools in Powell River are open from September to June. Schools are closed for two weeks during Spring Break, two weeks during Winter Break (Christmas) and the two months of Summer Break (July and August).
  • What should I bring to school on the first day?
    Pen and pencil, your transcript/report card from home, notebook with paper.
  • What do my teachers expect?
    Each teacher has expectations. Teachers will give you their expectations on your first day. In general, teachers expect students to arrive at class on time, bring all materials and books, complete homework on time, be polite, and ask questions. If you do not understand something, please ask your teacher for help. They will like this.
  • What can I expect at school my first day? Where should I go? What should I do?
    The first day of school is always in September on the Tuesday following Labor Day. You should arrive at school before school begins at 9:00am and go to the International classroom to receive your agenda, schedule, locker and orientation. No lunch is needed on the first day as school ends early.
  • May I change a course?
    Course changes are based on educational reasons. Courses may be changed no later than 2 weeks into the semester. Course changes must be discussed with the ESL teacher and counselor before any changes is made.
  • Is there tutoring offered?
    Peer tutors are available to any student who wishes one. Peer tutoring is offered during the school day and is free.
  • Is summer school available to International students?
    Summer school is available only to those students who fail a course and only as an opportunity to pass a failed course taken during the regular school year.
  • How should I prepare myself for school studies?
    Study English before arriving. Read and speak English as much as possible. Talk to others who have had International experience.
  • How much homework will I have?
    Students can expect to have 2 – 3 hours of homework each day.
  • How many Schools are in Powell River
    The Powell River School District has 6 Elementary Schools and 1 High School. International Students can attend any of the School within the District, and the High School offers a wide variety of both program courses and activities. For more information on our district schools visit
  • How many International students do you have?
    Only 3% of the school population is International students.
  • How do I travel to school each day?
    Students in Powell River walk or take the bus to school. There is a school bus provided for students who live outside of walking distance (3.2km) from the school.
  • How do I choose courses at school
    Your ESL teacher and school counselor can help you. Bring you school transcript/report card with you for better planning.

 Homestay Questions

  • What is a good bedtime?
    On a school night, bedtime is 11:00 pm
  • What food will I be eating?
    You will be eating Canadian food.
  • What does my homestay expect?
    Your homestay is your family in Canada. Your homestay expects you to be a member of their family. Families in Canada are all different. You will be expected to adjust to your family’s routines and lifestyle.
  • What are the hours of use for the internet/phone in the home?
    Students must limit phone/Internet use to reasonable time according to homestay rules. Students should avoid using telephone/Internet after 10:00 p.m. except in emergencies.
  • How do I open a bank account?
    Your homestay family will take you to a bank to open an account. You will need your 2 pieces of identification, one of those can be your passport.

 Community Questions

  • What is the weather like in Powell River?
    The weather in Powell River is very mild. There are only 1-2 days of snow per year.
  • What is the population of Powell River?
    The Powell River area has a population of approximately 19,900.
  • What activities are there in Powell River?

 Other Questions

  • Who is my legal guardian?
    While in Canada, your legal guardian/custodian is Laurie Yule.
  • What happens if I get sick or hurt?
    As an International student in the Powell River School District you are provided with medical coverage. This will insure you trips to the doctor/hospital and any coverage there. It will not cover and trips to the dentist.
  • May I travel outside of Powell River
    Travel outside of Powell River is permitted while in the company of your homestay parent or school personnel. Further travel is permitted with written permission from an overseas guardian AND your Canadian legal guardian.
  • How do I extent my Student VISA
    School District personnel will provide you with information on how this can be done while you continue to study within Canada