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Reporting and Examinations

​Reporting and Student Progress

Students will receive one informal and two formal reports each semester. Formal Reports will be issued in November, February, April, and June. Interim Reports will be issued in October and March. Parents may request additional progress reports by contacting the school counsellors and arranging an interview with subject teachers. FINAL MARKS are indicated by letter grade and percentages on the reports which are issued in February and June. Marks from provincial exams are available electronically at the end of February and July.


Students are advanced to the next level on the basis of subject promotion. Provided that a student meets the requirements of a particular course, that student will proceed to the next level (i.e. English 10 to English 11). If a student does not meet the course requirements, the course must be completed or repeated before credit is awarded.

Grading System

Grades on Reports                          

Work Habits

A 86-100% Excellent Achievement 1-Very Good
B 73-85% Very Good Achievement 2-Good
C+ 67-72% Good Achievement 3-Average
C 60-66% Satisfactory Achievement 4-Below Average
C- 50-59% Pass 5-Poor
I 0-49% In Progress: The student is making progress but it has been determined that additional time is required to meet the learning outcomes for the course or subject and grade.  
SG   Standing granted: where completion of normal requirements was not possible but credit was granted on the basis of adjudication by the school for non-government examinable courses.  


In-class tests and examinations

In almost all courses, in-class tests are set by the teachers and the results are used in determining report card marks. The following policies apply to these tests:

1. If a student is absent for an in-class test and the reason for the absence is unexcused by the teacher or the school administration, the student will automatically get a zero.
2. Policies for having students make up missed in-class tests will be established and made known to students.
3. Major tests will be made up outside of class time.
4. Tests will be made up within a reasonable time period as determined by the teacher.
5. If a student is dissatisfied with the way the test is marked, he/she will see the teacher outside of class time.

School-wide Formal Examinations

Formal exams may be held twice a year, in January and June. The mid-year exams end course work for the first semester. The June exams end the course work for the final semester. All students write the scheduled exams on the dates specified.

Any student who is required to write the final examination and fails to do so will be given a zero. The only exceptions to this rule are for students who:

1. miss a final examination for medical reasons which are supported by a doctor's letter; OR​​
2. make arrangements with the school administration before the exam.


Disciplinary problems at semester end resulting in suspension
may require the student to write exams at a later date.

Graduation Assessments

To graduate with a Dogwood diploma, all students must complete the following assessments.  As part of the updated graduation requirements, students in the B.C. Graduation Program will complete three provincial assessments. These assessments focus on the demonstration and application of numeracy and literacy.

Provincial Assessment Dates and Times are Fixed and Unalterable.


Students found to be assisting or receiving any assistance with assignments, class tests, quizzes or exams will receive zero for the assignment. Plagiarism is a form of cheating.