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School and District Rules

School and District Rules

It is the personal responsibility of each student to be aware of and to abide by the policies and procedures of our school. The school rules and school district policies and regulations apply to students on the way to and from school or school district activities, while attending school activities on all school field trips, and when on the premises or in the vicinity of any District school. 

Core Classroom Rules

  1. Students are to be in their seat with materials when the bell rings to start the class.

  2. No fo​od or drink (except water) is allowed in class unless the teacher gives permission.

  3. Swearing is never appropriate.

  4. No headphones, music or game devices, cell phones or cameras are allowed to be used during class time without permission of the teacher.

  5. Students will remain in their classrooms until the final bell rings.

  6. If absent, a student must bring a note in his/her agenda signed by a parent giving a reason for the absence, to the next class.


The School Act and School District Policy state that students are expected to attend all classes.  There is a direct relationship between regular attendance and academic success.

Class attendance is taken every period.  The school will attempt to notify parents regarding missed classes.  Parents are requested to provide a written note in the student's agenda stating the date of and the reason for absence.  

Students absent from class are responsible for obtaining and completing assignments missed.  


Skipping is defined as "absence from a class without valid reason".  For example, shopping trips, sleeping in, going to work and doing homework for another course are not valid reasons for absence from class.

Work missed due to skipping cannot be made up, therefore the student will receive zero for all work covered during the absence. Repeated absence without valid reasons may result in withdrawal from classes/school. 


Students not in the classroom before the bell are considered to be late.  Students repeatedly late will be disciplined with escalating consequences by the school administration.

Early Dismissal

In some cases it may become necessary for students to leave school before the end of school day.  Students wishing to leave school early must provide the office with parent/guardian's written permission for early dismissal and must sign out of the office. Thank you for providing this written request for dismissal.

Computer Use

Students must be aware of and follow all school board policy and regulations regarding the district electronic network.  Students violating policies may have their accounts suspended or be subject to escalating discipline.  This includes students accessing hate literature, pornography and using social media inappropriately. Students are encouraged to bring in their own devices.  

Extra Curricular Activities, Work Habits and Team Travel

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities.  Teams, clubs, and groups may be organized to meet the needs of students who wish to become involved in any activity suitable for a secondary school but missed work must be made up.

Students with poor work habits or serious conduct infractions may be restricted, by school administration, from travelling with school groups representing the school.

Personal Appearance

During the school day, Brooks Secondary is the students' work place.  Students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for a school learning environment.  Cleanliness and good taste should form the basis of decisions regarding this matter.  Clothing that has references to drugs, sex or alcohol or references that are rude or vulgar is considered inappropriate.  Students wearing questionable or offensive clothing will be asked to change and stop wearing such clothing to school.

Safe Schools (Fighting, Harassment, Bullying, Aggressive Behaviour)

At Brooks, all forms of physical violence, harassment and bullying are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  This includes any efforts to cause harm or discriminate against another person based on, but not limited to race, religion, gender, physical or intellectual disability, marital or family status, sexual orientation or age. Students involved in fighting, harassing, bullying or discriminatory harm are subject to disciplinary action including suspension or possible expulsion from school.  The school will make counselling services for fighting and harassment prevention accessible to students.

The school expects that all students will treat each other with respect and courtesy and conduct themselves in a manner that will promote safety and security for all within the district.

The school considers acts which cause distress to another individual as being inappropriate and will investigate these situations.  Such actions include threats and other verbal aggression such as name calling, discrimination, intimidation, and physical aggression.

A student who is threatened, intimidated, or emotionally or physically assaulted is encouraged to notify a teacher, counsellor, or the administration.

Vandalism, Property Damage, and Theft

Students, who damage, destroy, vandalize, or steal school property or the property of others will be required to pay for losses or damages.  Students who willfully or maliciously destroy school property will be suspended.  If a student should happen to damage something by accident, he/she should report it to a teacher or the office immediately.  Students and their parents are liable for damage according to the School Act. 

Tobacco and Vapour Products

District policy designates all school buildings and school property as tobacco / vape free areas.  Students are not to use tobacco or vape products (including chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes) on school grounds at any time.  Violations will result in discipline ranging from warnings to suspension.  


Throwing snowballs while under the jurisdiction of the school district is STRICTLY PROHIBITED due to safety concerns.  Students who are observed throwing snowballs may be suspended from school.  The same applies to students involved in setting off fireworks.  Fireworks are not to be brought to school or to any school related activity as they are a threat to student safety.


Any weapons or objects used as weapons are strictly prohibited at Brooks. Possession and/or use will likely result in the object being confiscated and possibly an out of school suspension and/or referal to the district office.

School Visitor's Policy

Anyone visiting Brooks Secondary School must immediately check in at the school office and indicate the purpose and/or business involved in their visit.  The B.C. School Act, Section 177, prohibits trespassing in public school buildings and grounds.

Students are not to invite friends or acquaintances to visit them at school. Only Brooks students should be on or near the Brooks grounds during the day.

Additionally, Brooks students are not welcome on the campuses of other district schools during the school day.

Drugs, Cannabis and Alcohol

Students who use, are under the influence of, distribute, sell, offer to sell or possess drugs and alcohol will be suspended from school.  In accordance with School District Administrative Procedure 340 (link):

  1. First offence = up to one month suspension; 
  2. Second offence = suspension in excess of one month;
  3. Third offence = permanent expulsion.

Consequences for unacceptable conduct or behaviour

Consideration is given to the age and maturity of the student as well as intellectual, social and emotional capacity of the student along with the nature and frequency of the unacceptable behaviour. 

Consequences when appropriate will be thoughtful, consistent and fair. They will seek to prevent a recurrence of the offence and teach acceptable social behavior rather than be merely punitive.  Where appropriate, consequences will provide a means for restitution and restorative actions and may involve the offender in determining a corrective plan of action. 


Students who are involved in serious infractions may be suspended from school.  An out-of-school suspension can be of any length.  However, if the suspension is for an indefinite period, re-entry conditions will apply or a meeting will be held to discuss other educational options.  While serving an out-of-school suspension, students are not permitted to participate in school activities except where arranged by an administrator.  Also, students are not allowed on any school property during this time.  It is the responsibility of the student to complete any work provided by the school.


Students who disobey school rules may be referred to the detention room by a school administrator.  Detentions will be scheduled on weekdays at lunch time. Students must be prepared, be on time, and ready to work on school work during this time.  Failure to serve the detentions may result in suspension.