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Parent Information


  1. If you have a concern about your child's education, health or safety at school you should speak to your child's teacher first, then school counsellor or school principal.
  2. If your concern involves possible serious legal or ethical matters related to "inappropriate" employee conduct, and you feel you cannot discuss the matter with the employee involved, you may contact the Principal, Secretary-Treasurer,  Superintendent, Director of Instruction or District Principal. 


  1. Where the decision of a School District Employee significantly affects the education, health or safety of a student, the student or his/her parents may appeal the decision. 
  2. Copies of the District's Appeals Bylaw and appeal forms are available to you at the schools, at the School Board office or at  (click on Governance, then Appeals Bylaw).  NOTE:  The appeal process requires you to have properly consulted the employee(s) involved before appealing.  It could result in you presenting your case before the Board of Education.  
  3. A student or parent may appeal a decision of the Board of Education to a Superintendent of Achievement (Ministry of Education).  Not all Board decisions may be appealed.  See the School District No. 47 Appeals Bylaw for further information or go to
  4. Respect the confidentiality of all concerned.

Attendance + MyEducation Parent Portal
There is a direct relationship between regular attendance and academic success. Benefits gained from regular classroom instruction cannot necessarily be made up. 

If Your Child Is Absent please provide a written note in the student's agenda stating the date and the reason for absence, or call the main office at 604 483-3171 to inform the school of the absence.  Absences without parent authorization are considered "skipping".

Brooks encourages all parents/guardians to check the MyEducation Parent Portal for up-to-date information about attendance.  Click on the menu at left for more information about the SD47 Parent Portal.

General Information

If you require general information please check out our school website at: If you require specific information about that you cannot find there please contact the main office at 604 483-3171.


Please do not telephone the school to deliver personal messages to your son or daughter.  Let them know about appointments, work, etc., before they leave for school. Please do not call your son or daughter's cell phone during class time.


If you want student progress surveys, advice, career information or post secondary information, please contact the counsellors' office.

Contacting Teachers by Email

Email is the most efficient method of communicating with teachers at Brooks.  Go to the Brooks Secondary website,, click on 'Contacts', scroll down and click on the teacher's name.  Please be sure to forward your email address to Heidi Gable ( as that will ensure we can send you school information and the newsletter.

Student Planner

You should check your student's planner regularly and use it for home/school communication.  Students without a planner will have to arrange and pay for a replacement book and use it.  The planner serves as a hall pass for all students.

It is the student's responsibility to carry their own Planner at all times.


In addition to a rigorous academic program, Brooks also offers a variety of dual credit programs and challenging electives. For more information, please contact any counsellor.  For more information about curriculum please visit​.