Brooks Secondary School
Striving to be the best
Mission Statement

​Ahms Tah Ow School is dedicated to providing educational and cultural opportunities for the Sliammon First Nations people by empowering community members to achieve their goals.

We believe the maintenance and enhancement of culture contributes to positive self-esteem and therefore encourages participation in the learning environment.

We will honour and respect the traditional tah-ow beliefs of our elders.

Ahms Tah Ow School will provide a meaningful and balanced curriculum bringing the uniqueness of our culture into an educational setting.


Educational Philosophy

A guiding principle of our school is to develop pride in self and culture, to be used as a basis of strength from which to face life's challenges.

At Ahms Tah Ow we endeavor to nurture the four dimensions of a healthy, strong and whole person: (mental, spiritual, physical and emotional.)


Our Logo

The Ahms Tah Ow School logo was created by Sliammon First Nation artist and former Ahms Tah Ow student, Ryan Dominick.


The logo consists of an eagle whose wings are closed and facing down, making it difficult for the eagle to take flight. This design represents students everywhere who are experiencing difficulties with their studies. The additional outside wings represent Ahms Tah Ow School. Traditional Coast Salish helping hands located at the base of the eagle have been added to help the eagle take flight. This logo symbolizes the vision of the school, which is to help students to raise themselves and achieve their goals in life.