Brooks Secondary School
Striving to be the best

Code of Conduct

It is important that all students follow a code of conduct that promotes respect, dignity and safety for all people. Everyone is expected to respect others at all times by:

  • using appropriate language

  • being courteous in word and action

Some Tah-ow guidelines of behaviour as taught by our elders include:

  • Work hard every day.

  • Always work toward achieving and maintaining peace and harmony.

  • Do not get involved in arguments because that is not the way of our People.

  • Constant communication is crucial to our well being as a community.

  • Respect your elders and other people.

  • Do not be a greedy or stingy person. Share the earth's possessions.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

As per School District No. 47 (Powell River) Regulation 6146.1 (PDF), no drugs or alcohol are allowed on school premises. Further, it is prohibited to attend school under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Offences will be dealt with according to school district rules.

Specific School Rules

  • Classroom Expectations
    Students are responsible for their own learning and for maintaining a quiet classroom environment.

  • Computer Use
    During class time, school computers are only to be used to complete assignments or write tests.

  • Electronic Devices
    Music volumes should be respectful of others.

  • Kitchen
    Students are responsible for doing their own dishes and for keeping the kitchen area tidy.

  • Smoking
    Students should be at least 10 feet away from the front door (either at the foot of the stairs or around the corner on the ramp).

  • Telephone
    Students need permission to use the telephone.

  • Text Books
    All text books are to remain in the school unless students have permission from the teacher and have signed them out.

  • Visitors
    All visitors must check in with a staff member.

Attendance Policy/Procedure

Students are expected to attend school for a minimum of 15 hours per week. We require a commitment from our students to maintain their attendance and academic performance.

Students who have been absent with no explanation for three (3) weeks will be sent a letter asking if they intend to return. If they say no or do not reply within one (1) week they will be withdrawn. Withdrawn students will have the option of reapplying after one (1) month and the completion a work package.

We appreciate students phoning the school and letting us know when they are not able to attend. Underage students who are absent and do not contact the school will be phoned daily. Adult students will be phoned after a week of unexplained absences.

Academic Performance

Students are required to complete and hand in 2-5 assignments per week to ensure minimum progress. Students with continued problems of poor academic performance may be withdrawn.

Current School-Wide Recognition/Incentives

Students serve as significant role models for each other. To this end, school-wide recognition/incentives currently being used to acknowledge specific student accomplishments at Ahms Tah Ow are:

  • $50.00 for each course completed within 12 months of starting.

  • For every 80 hours of attendance per month, students will receive 1 entry for a major draw to be held at the end of each semester.

Field Trips

Students have an opportunity to participate in a yearly field trip if their attendance is good and they contribute to fundraising efforts.