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Brooks Counselling Department

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Brooks School Counselling Department

​Our goal is to enable students to improve their lives by engaging in reflection and developing self-regulation and effective problem solving skills.

This is accomplished through course planning, career and vocational guidance, and personal one-to-one counselling. At Brooks Secondary, we are committed to supporting students on an individual basis, as well as acting as a liaison between the school and community based resources. Counselling services are available for all students. Counsellors assist students with academic, career, and personal counselling.

Academic Counselling

Students who are experiencing any difficulty in a course should contact the counsellors for assistance. Counsellors help students with educational planning and course selection to fulfill graduation requirements and prepare for job opportunities, post secondary entrance requirements, and other program requirements.

The 2023-2024 Course Handbook is  here:  Brooks Course Handbook 2023 - 2024.pdf

The course selection documents:

BROOKS COURSE OPTIONS (10-12) for 2023-2024
BROOKS COURSE OPTIONS (10-12 francophone) for 2023-2024
BROOKS COURSE OPTIONS (10-12 french immersion) for 2023-2024
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 8 - French immersion)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 8)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 9 French immersion)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 9)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 10 Francophone)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 10 french immersion)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 10)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 11 Francophone)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 11 french immersion)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 11)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 12 Francophone)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 12 french immersion)
Course Selection 2023-24 (Grade 12)

Career Advising

Students are encouraged to speak to the Career Coordinator in determining future career possibilities and career trends. Mrs. Larkin will be able to assist students interested in Dual Credit programs. 

Personal Concerns

Sometimes problems arise that hinder student performance. Students and parents are encouraged to contact counsellors for assistance when they occur. These may include student, peer, family, or classroom learning concerns.

We provide assistance with

  • course planning

  • transition from elementary school

  • occupational and career planning

  • post-secondary education planning

  • scholarship and bursary information

  • personal counselling

  • student mediation 

  • academic advising


M.Ed, R.C.C
Counsellor - Grades 8 -10

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M.Ed, R.C.C.
Counsellor - Grades 11-12

Tanya Larkin
Career Coordinator
Dual Credit Programs