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Post-Secondary Insitutions Selection Form

Students can provide their transcript information to a number of post-secondary institutions (PSIs) by completing an electronic Post Secondary Institutions Selections form on line between October 9th and July 15th this school year via the Student Secure Web.

Students wishing to have their marks forwarded in the early admission transfer to BC Electronic PSIs and the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) must submit their selections by May 1st.

This electronic PSI selections form is only to be submitted by students who expect to graduate this year and are applying to a PSI. Returning graduates who complete additional courses in the 2015/2016 school year may also complete the PSI Selections Form.

Step by step instructions follow:

  1. Go to the Student Secure Web on the Ministry website:
  2. Click Enter to gain access to the PSI form.
  3. Either Create an Account or Log-in to Your Account. You must have your Personal Education Number (PEN) to create and log-in to your account. You can find your PEN number on your report card.
  4. Select the Post Secondary Institution Selections link.
  5. Carefully read through the important notes before selecting the Select PSIs link (at the bottom of the page).
  6. You may select all of the BC Electronic PSIs and/or the Ontario University Application Centre. In addition, you may make a total of 6 or more selections from Sections 2 and 3.
  7. Once all choices have been selected hit the Next button to proceed to the authorization page.
  8. You must confirm and authorize the ministry to forward your information as requested.
  9. You should print off the confirmation page as a confirmation of your selections.