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Block Awards and Brooks Major Awards:

Gr. 8-11 Awards Criteria 2020-21
Gr. 12 Awards Criteria 2020-21
Student Service log - 2020 2021
Herb Marrion Award Nomination Form
Max Cameron Award Nomination Form
Pauline Galinski Award Nomination Form

SD#47 Scholarship Package:

The SD#47 Scholarship Application Package is now available from the front counter at Brooks Secondary School.
Submission deadline is April 9th at 3:30pm. 

PR Community Forest Scholarship:

Students pursuing academics or trades related to forestry, please apply for a chance at one of three scholarships, deadline is May 28th: Scholarship Forest related path

North Island College 2X$1000 Bursary

Any student attending North Island College next year, please see Mrs. Larkin regarding a $1000 bursary!!

Martin G. Rossander Memorial Bursary -  two awards of $1000

Thanks to the goodwill and foresight of Martin G. Rossander, these bursaries have been established to benefit high school students and alumni from Powell River, BC, who are entering full- or part-time studies in any area of study at North Island College. Preference will be given to applicants who are interested in pursuing environmental studies or who show an interest in preserving the environment; followed by those with a passion for music, metal work, the trades, or applicants demonstrating an interest in activism, politics, women's human rights and gender equality, or those who wish to be advocates of positive change in their communities.

Again, please see Mrs. Larkin for details, opportunity closes June 1st

BC School Sports:

The submission deadline for all the BC School Sports scholarships is Monday May 3, 2021 at 4pm.  

BCSS is pleased to announce the renewal of the BCSS Zone Scholarship, Dave Gifford Memorial Scholarship, Bert& Quartermaine Badminton Scholarship, and the BC Dairy Scholarship.  

The application can be found on our website

Pride Education Network:

The Diversity Scholarship application is available for any graduating students who participate in the school's GSA.

Fallen Loggers Memorial Bursary:

Fallen Loggers Memorial Bursary Application .pdf
Fallen Loggers Memorial Bursary POSTER.pdf

VIU President and Chancellor Scholarships:

All information around the VIU President and Chancellor Scholarships can be found in the following document: 

VIU President and Chancellor Entrance Scholarships.pdf

Western University - National Indigenous Scholarship:

The National Indigenous Scholarship Program is awarded annually to three incoming Indigenous undergraduate students (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) studying full-time at Western's main campus based on their outstanding academic excellence. The National Indigenous Scholarship also recognizes the candidate's academic achievements, creative and innovative thinking, and previous or intended contributions to Indigenous communities (on and off reserve as well as urban settings).

Scholarship Values 
- 2 awards at $50,000 each to Indigenous students applying from Canadian high schools ($20,000 for year- one, $10,000 for year's two to four based on ongoing registration)
- 1 award at $50,000 to an Indigenous student applying from a post-secondary institution ($20,000 for year-one, $10,000 for year's two to four based on ongoing registration) 

Deadline to Apply: March 14th 2021 (11:59pm EST)
For more information or to apply please visit the following website:

Coast Capital Youth Education:

Standing Tall Award 43 X $3500
Beth Hutchinson Award $5000

Please find applications in the Brooks Counselling Suite and at online at Coast Capital

North Island College

Scholarship and Bursaries are available.

There is more than $500,000 in scholarships and bursaries through our donor-funded Awards Program.

 NIC-bound high school students to apply online at

  • Only one application is needed to be considered for over 300 awards.
  • Scholarships and bursaries are available to support students in all areas of study and communities
  • Even "undecided" students are eligible. They simply need to apply for an NIC student ID to get started.
  • Application opens in two weeks on March 1! 

myBlueprint and Scotia Bank $30,000 Scholarship

For more information please visit myBlueprint and Scotia Bank

Pathway to Teacher Education

The Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship is awarded to 20 outstanding students who have show an aptitude for and commitment to a career in teaching K-12.  Recipients will receive a $5000 scholarship voucher they can redeem  through the Ministry of Education after attending a approved BC PSI Education Program. Students have 7 years to redeem their voucher. Applications due Feb 15th 2021. 

BC Excellence - concluded 

The BC Excellence Scholarship is  award to a  student who demonstrates service and leadership. Brooks is able to nominate one student for this scholarship. Please visit the counselling suite for a nomination form, and please submit your completed nomination form to Mrs. Larkin or Mr. Brach by Jan 18th at 10:30am.  The successful applicant will be notified January 22nd and have until Feb 15th to apply online. 

BC Excellence Scholarship 2021.docx

BC Excellence Scholarship Nomination Form Jan 2021 .docx

Cmolik Scholarship - Concluded

SD47 will be able to nominate one student for the opportunity to apply for this years Cmolik Scholarship.

The Foundation provides $40,000 (for tuition, books, and living expenses) leading to an undergraduate degree to deserving students currently attending school in BC. 

Criteria: students who have faced financial challenges, overcome adversity and yet have contributed positively to either their school or community. 

Step 1:  

a.) Fill out one of our nomination forms (see the counselling suite for nomination form)

b.) Submit nomination form to Mrs. Williams or Mr. Brach in the counselling suite no later than January 24th at 12pm.

c.) Nominated student will be notified January 29th and Mr Rounis will provide the SD47 Brooks nomination letter soon after. 

Step 2: 

a.) How to apply  - one nominated student from Brooks will receive a nomination letter from Mr Rounis and they can then proceed to fill out the online application.  (Deadline Feb 7th) 

Schulich Leader Scholarship: Concluded

Schulich Leader Scholarships are the largest and most prestigious undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) scholarships in Canada, with a value of up to $100,000 each. This scholarship was established to encourage our best and brightest students to be the next generation of entrepreneurial-minded, technology innovators.
Eligibility and Details:
- Open to all Canadian high schools 
- For students planning to pursue an undergraduate degree in an eligible STEM program at one of our 20 Canadian partner universities. 
- Brooks applications due to counsellor before January 15th at 12pm. 
- Brooks nominee due January 27th  - nominee notified on this day. Brooks to submit nominee to Schulich Leader Scholarship Foundation.
- Nominees scholarship application submission due February 17th 2021. 
- Recipient notified between March-June 2021. 

The nominee would be pursuing a post secondary education in technology, engineering, business, or applied scientific research. The focus and Brooks nominee should not be pursuing an activism based career, wish to be a physician or a professor. The dynamic nominated student demonstrates academic excellence, and Leadership, charisma and creativity, and strong consideration will be given to students with financial need.  

*Please visit the counselling suite for a  Schulich Leader Nomination Form.

Duke of Edinburgh

Please check out the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and Scholarships page for more information. 

Loran: Concluded

Closes Oct 15th 8pm (Eastern Standard Time for sponsored applicants - 3 per school)
Closes Oct 22th 8pm (Eastern Standard Time for direct pool applicants)

* Let Mrs. Williams in the counselling suite know if you wish to be a sponsored applicant - Deadline Oct 5th at 3pm. 

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