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Tanya Larkin                                                                     
Brooks Vice Principal
Trades and Transitions Coordinator                                                               
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How Can I register for Dual Credit?

Any SD47 student can register for dual credit through Brooks Secondary, if you are not a SD47 student, then please complete the SD47 Registration Package below and return it to Brooks with "Attn: Tanya Larkin". Once we have your registration package you can make an appointment to meet with Mrs. Larkin  in order to get more information and register for academic or trades dual credit opportunities:  SD47 Registration Package.pdf

Students must be non grads and meet any pre-requisites (often Eng 12 and Math11) in order to be sponsored for dual credit. A student wishing to take dual credit can do so in any of the following ways:

1. Trades programs through VIU Powell River - see options below
2. Dual Credit academic courses (maximum of four and they must be connected to a program or career)
3. Dual Credit Program (SD47 can sponsor up to 8 months of the program, again student must be a non grad)

What is available? What is Dual Credit?
Dual Credit Trades and Transitions Video

PIE student:

If your are a PIE student and are interested in taking dual credit, then check out the Partners In Education Youtube information video