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Work Experience Opportunities

Career Planning

A very important component of a career plan is connecting students to the 'world of work' through work experience. Work experience validates whether a student's interests and anticipated career pathway are the right fit for the student.

Work Experience 12A & 12B

Long-term work experience is open to Grade 10 through Grade 12 students who have an interest in pursuing any career field. In Work Experience 12A & 12B, a student spends 100 - 120 hours training at one or more worksites.  By doing this, skills are learned and questions are answered before career decisions are made.  Students either choose a work experience according to their current career interest or an area of passion.  Students work during the school day or after school and weekends .

Work Experience Benefits

路  4 - 8 credits toward graduation
路  Resume and covering letter creation
路  Pre-employment job training
路  Making valuable industry contacts
路  Apprenticeship opportunities
路  Pre-requisite for some post secondary education
路  Community connections
路  Building a passion

How to Get Started and Next Steps

Please visit your school's Career Office and speak with a Career Teacher - Mr Palm . Mr Palm will help you register and explore potential workplace opportunities.
You may then engage in one or more work experiences that provide you with new skills and knowledge within that field of work. Once you have a career in mind you will need to make an appointment with a counsellor to make sure that you have the correct high school academic and elective courses for your potential career interests. As well, you will need to connect with your Career teacher and explore post secondary options for attaining your certifications required for the job.

Career-Life 12a Work Exploration

30 hours of work exploration are required for graduation and is intended to expose students to career-life possibilities. Students access the worksite under regulated hours and conditions, and are closely supervised by school district staff. To complete the required minimum 30-hour experience, a student may participate in one or more of the following opportunities:

路  service learning
路  volunteerism
路  employment
路  fieldwork

The goal of work experience is to become aware of and practice employability skills such as punctuality, communication, teamwork, positive work ethics and attitudes. Students may choose work experience to train for entry level employment or a placement related to future career goals.